Nine Tail

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PostSubject: Nine Tail   Nine Tail Icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2019 4:55 pm
Reply to this topic to track the bijuu interactions and personality with you.

Affiliation Name: Tailed Beasts
Name: Nine Tail
Age: Old
Gender: All
Rank: Maximum

This bijuu is split into 2 parts like canon.

This bijuu is split into 2 parts like canon.

Stats: Bijuu rules
Jutsu: + customs
Group or Character Tied?: Jinchuuriki, Sharingan, Outer Path.


Nine Tail DolUZhU
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Best In The World training thread, Kurama dislikes Kazetora but loaned him a portion of his chakra because he wants the child to live long enough for him to be worthy of taking over and such.
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Nine Tail

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