Misty Appeal [Invite]

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Chiyo Ise
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PostSubject: Misty Appeal [Invite]   Misty Appeal [Invite] Icon_minitimeFri Dec 20, 2019 6:39 am
For a tourist Chiyo wasn't necessarily that difficult to get an idea of where she might have gone once she arrived in the village of mist, if anything it was almost a beeline from the young woman to this famous destination she had so much about on the road from others coming or going to the recognised spot.

Once she got there though her mature looking expression quickly devolved into one more fitting for a young child as she hastily made her way around, taking each critter or display in as she went. As far as outstanding went she looked awfully plain, blending into the citizens like she was one of them.

Such skills of integration into a crowd would make any kunoichi jealous, if she were in fact a kunoichi and not actually just an actual commoner. After a short but enthusiastic look Chiyo decided it was time for food and started to look around for a stall, the idea of what cuisine this village had heavy on her thoughts.
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Chinatsu Sarutobi
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PostSubject: Re: Misty Appeal [Invite]   Misty Appeal [Invite] Icon_minitimeFri Dec 20, 2019 3:17 pm
In her usual outfit and with all the spare time on her hands, Chinatsu figured there was only one place she should visit: the carnival.

It wasn't really Chinatsu's cup of tea to hang around when it came to spare time, but she never minded the view of various people all over the world, let them be tourists, visitors, or even natives, take part of the festivities Dew Dew Carnival had to offer. Her visits were always more concerned with the food provided rather than the activities themselves. When it came to food, the carnival never failed to provide such treats. Other than that, there was no other reason for her to come by herself. It would have felt better if she had someone to tag along with to partake in many carnival games. That, or just go alone to showcase her skill and bring on some attention. Not that she needed any, but a few eyes on her always felt nice.

Chinatsu stopped in front of a food booth, one that she was all too familiar with. A smile grew on her face as her eyes locked with the person behind the stall. "I'll just have the usual." She said. Her familiarity with the person behind the cart had its useful advantages such as getting her usual order without describing what it was: ten pork dumplings all for the light brunette to feast on.

After a few minutes worth of waiting, her order was finally done and served in a small carton box. With her order paid for and chopsticks given to her, she began to dig into her pork dumplings. A satisfied hum was made as she took a small bite into her meal. If there was just one meal Chinatsu would be forced to eat for the rest of her life, it would have to be pork dumplings.
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Misty Appeal [Invite]

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