Team 1: Family

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Disable all teams, that was sustainably more difficult than the task laid before the other two teams on paper. Minx did understand it though, plus the task of securing either of them was more difficult than it sounded, the young genin had no doubt her team-mates had underestimated her. The pale girl was entirely prepared to be the one they targeted and they'd be sorely surprised by her. Where they had trained so much to chase, catch, to somehow perpetrate violence necessary for shinobi? She'd been made to spend any time she could when not bed ridden practicing how to not get caught because it would mean the end of her life and two-tails freedom if anyone ever found out and could catch her. In terms of playing cat and mouse, it was ironic someone holding a feline inside of them was better suited to be the mouse.

As smoke obscured the area Minx was quick to fall right into line with Haru though she was also working on loosening the scarf around her neck the hat already in one hand. Being so bundled up while great for keeping her healthy was anything but good for this exercise as it severely restricted what she could do without damaging her clothing. "Miss Haru, wait a second. You think some of the clones could take a few of these?" While her captian had been making the clones and starting to give commands to them, Minx had been busy stripping off everything expect her underwear, bra, booty shorts and low front/back cut spaghetti strap tank top, shoes included in what came off. "I know it seems odd, but I'm really hoping some piece of my clothing makes it out of this intact and since not all your clones will be around me the whole time, that's my best bet." It would also probably work to confuse a dog if things with her scent saturated into them happened to be with some of the clones but she wasn't thinking like that. Minx just hated that she had to wear so much out here and wanted something to wear if she had to destroy what she had left on.

"Anyone who comes after any of us in the field will be coming at us to kill, you have to train us like this or we'll end up dead. I get it." Now, maybe if her own father had gotten the concept much as her teacher did than maybe she wouldn't have been an orphan! It didn't matter that she didn't know anything about the mission he died on, Minx was still a bit bitter over it sometimes. "It does seem more possible to take them out first, Celestia and Machi will have clumsier teamwork since this is their first time together. Plus, I think if we're careful we can get Celestia to take him out for us to conserve the chakra a full frontal fight would take, when we went for that teacher due to the check she did before her jutsu I think at least some of her stuff can friendly fire if an ally happens to be too close." It would be difficult to fight the boy pair up head on as from the little she heard it seemed one of them was particularly flamboyant meaning the other team would easily find them if they did that fight first. Haru was right, though the two of them were still had a slight disadvantage having never had to use their jutsu together before.

Balancing on the branch she thought for a moment, realizing they had another issue. "We need to buy time though, Tora and Cactus have that dog on their team, we have to make sure they can't track us too quickly or we'll end up facing both teams at once. Any streams or anything we can use to make them lose my scent?" Cause face it, with all the clones around they'd not be able to track Haru, her own scent was the danger here. This would be risky in general, but they couldn't outrun both teams forever so they had to have ways to take them down. "May also be a good idea to come up with some basic idea's on how to use our jutsu together, I have lightning balls with a knock back, but everything else is tiajutsu from melee to long range, using my bones. Though I'm much better at running and tricks than fighting head on." Nodding slightly, Minx was ready to go whenever the captain was, hopefully Haru would be able to teach her to turn all the things Matatabi had taught her to do or advised her on, into offensive techniques. Winning this with her having to run away all the time? Wouldn't be easy as it risked them isolating her from Haru.
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Machi leaves the topic due to family issues.
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Team 1: Family

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