Aiding the Aquatic [Sango]

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"I hope I'm going the right way..."

Yozora paces through the bustling, morning streets of Kirigakure no Sato. She's carrying an embroidered black scroll in her left hand, mostly detailing the tasks she'd be tending to for her mission. Beyond that, she's got a brown satchel's strewn over her right shoulder, containing some of the bare necessities for herself that she's brought with her. Among many of the missions that she's considered doing, she never believed that she would've taken on the task of helping out at an aquarium. She's never been all that interested in animals, though she doesn't necessarily dislike them either.

And as far as she sees it, the busier she stays the better. Her clothing's a little less formal on this occasion, at least when the fact that it's kunoichi business is considered. She's chosen a simple combination of a grey tank top with a pair of jean shorts. For warmth and some extra coverage, she's chosen to wear black arm warmers and a matching pair of thighhighs. Yozora carries confidence with her stride as well, using it to mask the current dilemma that she also, never considered up until this point...

That she's never been to the aquarium, and never bothered to find it prior to the documented time that she'd be coming in. She'd at the very least taken the precaution of waking up earlier than she usually prefers to, just so she'd have far more time to search. Even with her particular distaste in being up early, it does wind up proving to be a good choice on her end... because boy does she spend quite some time finding a place as simple as an aquarium. After a couple of hours spent, Yozora finally happens upon her destination with some time to spare.

She enters eagerly, relieved that she can make it seem like she was just being punctual rather than having spent so much time trying to find the place. After a little more wandering about, Yozora shows her mission scroll detailing her purpose in being here to one of the employees. With not so much as a word spared on her end, the kunoichi's guided off into what she can only assume is one of the backrooms of the vast aquarium, dropping her belongings off and heading off on her way to begin helping.

As expected, her assistance is more or less just errand running, something that's confirmed when she's given a list of what she'll be attending to, and why. After looking it over, she getsstarted with her first task of feeding a few of the fish to prepare them for the upcoming event they'll be participating in. Whereas she carries her usual disposition, the employees are chipper and positive as ever, assisting her along the way with the variety of questions she had sprinkled through her labors as she works away.

"Um, excuse me. Where is this one's food?"
"Oh! Right over here!"
"Is it supposed to look like this when it's eating?"
"Why of course! This must be your first time seeing this."
"Am I doing this right?"
"You are! Keep at it, you're doing a fine job."

After about half an hour spent with the first task, she's finally given some reprieve. Admittedly, it required far more effort than she thought it would, but it's rewarding in its own way. Yozora's given some time to situate herself before the next task, which she spends mostly roaming about the aquarium and getting a feel for the environment.
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PostSubject: Re: Aiding the Aquatic [Sango]   Aiding the Aquatic [Sango] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 27, 2020 1:34 pm
At this point the pathway to the aquarium from anywhere in the city was engraved within the Mizukage's head. The location was very important when the lower half of one's body turned to a fish and the only aquatic vet they trusted was employed within those walls. It was a leisurely walk today from her office in the center of the city, nothing of her business with the aquarium urgent enough to have her racing. However, she had taken some precautions considering all the water visiting her intended target brought, long dress that covered to her ankles, flimsy over the top sandals and a thin band of string around one ankle. If the sandals happened to come off? The string would keep her tail from forming, and the dress would hide her legs turning blue.

Finally arriving Sango discovered that the vet she came to see was currently tending to several turtles and had a few other patients today. She had time to burn through, and a whole aquarium to do so in because no one was going to just tell their villages leader she couldn't somewhere. Eventually, along her exploration of the place she knew almost well as the sea, the female spotted something interesting. "You're one of the Genin aren't you?" Considering how many Ninja she had to look through when helping assign things on a daily basis occasionally it was hard to be sure but she was fairly sure this time. Normally, when she recommended ninja for any involvement with the aquarium she remembered them due to the importance this place held for her. "So they chose to give you the mission to help out. Enjoying it in the downtime between tasks? It is a rather pleasant place." Of course, if the other didn't happen to know the current recently made Mizukage was a sixteen year old girl? This probably seemed weird since she wasn't wearing her hat still favoring her headband, but Sango didn't even think about that.
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Aiding the Aquatic [Sango]

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