Nonplayable Characters

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Nonplayable Characters

NPC used by members are allowed to have impact. Staff NPC are primarily to spice things up and won't ever take the show.

Members can use NPC without registering them, but non-registered NPC are able to be autohit and can't provide ANY FORM of benefit to players.

NPC Usage Pros and Cons:

  • These do not apply to summons and the like such as clones. Neither do they to staff NPC.
  • Influence is required to use NPC, and they must be trained as if they're jutsu for each one you want to use.
  • All registered NPC can perform jutsu (non-sharable) and use bought items. Member NPC fulfill a supplementary purpose and are on watch to not go beyond the general power of PC. Risk voiding.
  • 1 can directly fight per PC user's confrontation. They only have their own post order if the user isn't present in the topic. Users need to be active in a topic with an actual character too. Registered NPC can fight but if they do not immediately escape the battlefield after attacking or defending someone they're open to be autohit. On the other hand as long as they don't fight they're free to operate like PC.
  • Retreat needs to be full and permanent for the topic. Autohitting is allowed only against NPC and comes from any outward influence exerting on the NPC to possibly even defeat them outright. NPC cannot defend against autohitting.

NPC can be used by others and their progress needs to be tracked by each person using them at the time. Tracking is done by posting on the approved topic. Progress is considered a summary of what they actually witnessed or did for consistency. If not done they're considered generic NPC for a topic.

Whenever a NPC is used you need to post on the approved topic noting they're in use.

Name: It's name.
Age: The age.
Gender: The gender.
Rank: The rank.
Clan: The clan if applicable.
Affiliation: The group if applicable.
Appearance: It's regular appearance.
Background: It's past and current background.

Specialties: The base specialties according to rank.
Stats: The base stats according to rank.
Jutsu: Don't max out the jutsu and instead make a realistic being. Do not bother comparing to other NPC. RP with the NPC unregistered before registering and flesh it out to be taken seriously.
Group or Character Tied?: If they're neutral mercenaries or something they might be accessible to all. Lower ranks in a village are obligated to work under higher ranks.


[b]Group or Character Tied?:[/b]
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Nonplayable Characters

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