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Custom Items

Approved Open Items

Custom item's stat is the health stat and they can have abilities equivalent to jutsu. The stat and ability ranks are determined by the item rank. Cost also determines rank. Getting a custom item can be completed by doing a word quest or paying ryo. If a custom item is broken, it can be repaired by doing half the word count or paying half ryo.

Weaponry, kuchiyose, kugutsu, or robotics is required to wield all relevant items at their rank level. Not having the specialty limits abilities and health to C-rank level. Only medical ninjutsu crafters can reach above C-rank as well for things like medicine or poison.

The process to get an item consists of making the item, getting it approved, and then paying for it or questing with approval.

  • E-rank: 700 words or 100,000 ryo+.
  • D-rank: 1,000 words or 200,000 ryo+.
  • C-rank: 2,000 words or 600,000 ryo+.
  • B-rank: 2,500 words or 500,000 ryo+.
  • A-rank: 3,000 words or 1,000,000 ryo+.
  • S-rank: 5,000 words or 10,000,000 ryo+.

Name: What is the item's name?
Appearance: What does it look like?
History: Where did the item come from? How was it created? How was it obtained? You don't need to include how it's ability works but fuinjutsu is likely a cause.
Group or Character Tied?: Is it open to the entire site? Generic weapons will not be tied to a character, but can be registered multiple times in different forms. For example, different colored kunai. Is it publicly available for anyone or a group like a clan to create? Or is it tied to just your character?
Health: Item stat is determined by the item's rank, while some items are N/A like medicine. E-rank have E-rank, D-rank have D-rank, etc. they'll always be the same at creation.  

Follow the jutsu template for each ability.

Without training every item is considered D-rank in 1 free ability. All item abilities and effects are registered as jutsu, with each ability/jutsu needing to be trained at jutsu word count before full use. ALL items follow jutsu rules for usage and includes stamina use. Weaponists with the specialty ability can further "train" their items to improve their abilities and stat. Weaponist training is done by simply doing the gap in rank word count for each upgrade.

Copy and paste the below coding into a new topic, fill it out, and then post your item. Staff will then grade the item.
[b]Appearance: [/b]
[b]Group or Character Tied?:[/b]
[b]Abilities/Jutsu: [/b]

Jutsu template here.


Item Template DolUZhU
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Item Template

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