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Village Upgrades

Village upgrades are done by taking a large percentage of the village's ryo. Upgrades might be easier to enact elsewhere but they take more politically or physically in another village. Various upgrades can be registered on a case-by-case basis.

Upgrading a village can give access for all allied shinobi to the base benefit of full sub specialties. Village upgrades can also give access to more useful elemental or clan jutsu. As an example Sunagakure could upgrade to have the majority of it covered in chakra-enhanced sand to enable sand jutsu users extra effects.

Sensory: Sensory units can detect non-registered chakra in the village if not suppressed somehow.
Barrier Ninjutsu: Sensing from outside the village is blocked.
Kuchiyose: Permanent portals can be created in the village for a contract. Summons will aid late into village attacks but can't run away coming through the portal.
Chakra Absorption and Fuinjutsu: Free tags to use the specialty on contact.
Medical Ninjutsu: The ability to get implants from NPC experiment units.

On approval upgrades must be included in village description topics for consistency.

Name: The upgrade's name.
Description: What it looks like.
Effects: What the upgrade does.
Group Tied?: Generic upgrades will not be tied to a group, but can be registered multiple times in different forms.

[b]Group Tied?:[/b]


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Upgrade Template

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