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Missions Template QT6rSlt

Missions are tasks completed by the ninja in the Naruto universe and those on this site. They're like "quests" and they help characters develop their power or stories.

Generic missions are open to all upon asking about a topic for copying by a staff member.

Name: The mission name.
Rank: The mission's rank from D, C, B, A, S.
Location: The location of the mission in a land or village.
Enemies: The enemies to be encountered during a mission, if any. Enemies can optionally be rolled for during a mission as well outside the template.
Rewards: The ryo reward for the mission.
People Preferred: The number of people or rank preferred. This can be missing ninja or other villages in the case of not trusting your own villagers, or participating in a collaborative operation.
Requester: PC if makes sense or the NPC that requests the mission to be done from village elders to grandmas.
Setting Description: What do you need to do during the mission to complete it?

Post the below filled out code in a new topic for staff to approve a mission.
[b]People Preferred:[/b]
[b]Setting Description:[/b]


Missions Template DolUZhU
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Missions Template

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