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Open Summon Roster

The template is used for both animals from clans like Inuzuka and summons. Open summons already created by others are linked above.

Kuchiyose full specialty is needed for summons above C-rank. One animal summoning contract can be signed per character. Summons cannot surpass the cap of their rank in jutsu they're able to use and don't have unlimited jutsu. A contract should not have every single jutsu and the jutsu should fit the theme of the summons at least in majority.

Summons have double the word count of normal jutsu for their rank and players cannot create dozens of summons for their contract alone.

Any time a summon is used you must post on the approved summon topic noting "in use" or something to the effect. Then, when done with a summon post a summary and note not in use. If this isn't followed another summon in the contract will need to be retconned to be sent with the same arsenal.

Affiliation Name: The animal contract's name such as "Toad Contract" or clan's like Inuzuka.
Name: The individual summon's name.
Age: The age.
Gender: The gender.
Rank: The rank.
Appearance: It's regular appearance.
Background: It's past and current background.

Specialties: The base specialties according to rank.
Stats: The base stats according to rank.
Jutsu: Don't max out the jutsu and instead make a realistic being.
Group or Character Tied?: Neutral summons are accessible to all normally. Group tied summons can come to the defense of villages.

[b]Affiliation Name:[/b]

[b]Group or Character Tied?:[/b]


Animals Template DolUZhU
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Animals Template

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