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Information Template VkdVu1j

Approved Open Info

This template and forum is only used for registering information according to information rules. Information can be accessed by expending or using up your influence in the update forum. You can use information others have registered.

Name: Whether a codename or an obvious allusion to what the information represents.
Rank: What's the rank? All information follows shinobi ranking system in E, D, C, B, A, S.
Type: There is no limits on what type it's considered. Examples are information about bloodlines, techniques, PC, NPC, and missions.
Description: The information contained and perhaps how it was obtained. All information comes in pieces following realism. You can't learn completely about characters. It's possible to learn in depth about events so the description doesn't necessarily need to be short.
Group or Character Tied?: Generic information WILL NOT be tied to a character, but can be registered multiple times in different forms. Canon information will never be exclusive even if approved otherwise.

Fill out the code and post.
[b]Group or Character Tied?:[/b]
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Information Template

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