Jutsu Template

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Jutsu Template

Jutsu Template IX3WsEP

Learning and creating jutsu is only possible with the correct specialties or elements. After a jutsu has been ranked or approved, members can use jutsu that they have gotten approved in a topic like their updates.

Name: What's the jutsu name?
Rank: What's the rank from E, D, C, B, A, S?
Range: What's the jutsu operating range in meters?
Elements: What elements are used?
Specialties: Which specialties are used?
Hand Seals: Taijutsu, weaponry, and kugutsu don't have hand seals. All other jutsu below S-rank need custom seals or a combination of bird, boar, dog, dragon, ox, tiger, snake, rat, monkey, hare, and ram.
Description: What does the jutsu create or how does it function? Describe the results from performing the jutsu, colors, the usefulness, and perhaps the flaws.

Group or Character Tied?: Is it open to the entire site? Is it publicly available for anyone or a group like a clan to learn? Or is it tied to just your character?
Requirements: Any extra requirements for learning.
Deriving: Is this jutsu derived from others? If it's based on another member's jutsu being honest can make an approval go faster.

Copy and paste the below coding into a new topic, fill it out, and then post your jutsu. Staff will then grade the jutsu.
[b]Hand Seals:[/b]

[b]Group or Character Tied?:[/b]
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Jutsu Template

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