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Character Stats


Student(E)->Genin(D)->Chuunin(C)->Jounin(B)->A-rank/S-rank/Elder(same level)->Bijuu/Juubi(same level).

Stat Distribution
Each ninja rank gets 2 base stat "points" to allocate, while every other stat is always at base E-rank/Student. Each rank up gives 2 more stats to allocate and each used increases a stat by a level/rank. A-rank/S-rank Elder/Kage cap at 8 points.

Example: One stat point used increases a stat to genin level. Two stat points to chuunin level, etc.

Stat Training
The normal way to train stats without needing to rank up is by permanent advantages up to 6 going by technique guidelines, instead of needing to boost to 6. On the other hand, there's a more extreme option which is the only way to increase by level by training to become "the best" at a stat like Minato.

Two Paths - Advantages each require 2,000 words training up to 6 and aren't full levels. Each stat also has 2 slots to become "the best", and in aiming for these slots advantages become useless. Whether to be a chakra monster, tank like a Raikage, or have young Minato's speed you can take this at any rank below Jounin if open on the roster. 10,000 words training instantly puts a stat to Elder and is always considered above advantages in direct physical comparison. The second person who trains is considered inferior by 1 advantage to the first.

Best in the World Roster  - Having a 'Best in the World' stat means you automatically have Elder in the stat you have it for, no matter the rank below Jounin you get approved for it. If you had points in the stat you can move them elsewhere. It also means you always have a minimum one advantage against others in that stat, barring extreme examples such as Staffed NPC's and Event Topics, no matter how many advantages they might have trained in it. For having best in the worlds, you only get half the stat points you normally would get in return ranking up (max 4 points to allocate rather than 8, using Elder/Sannin/A-rank as an Example). Yes, others might not be able to train to be the best as planned if the roster's full. It's okay to not have every person at peak canon stats, as that's the alternative. Jutsu and techniques are not inferior to stats in Naruto or here. First come first serve, the best training incomplete becomes advantages.

Jutsu Stats, Advantages, Boosts

By default, all custom/canon jutsu have base stats for their rank, and they are INDEPENDENT of character statistics. If approved otherwise, they still have the base stats for their rank. Body techniques do not give stats like taijutsu and weaponry-refer to specialties for taijutsu.

Refer to the techniques/jutsu guidelines for boosting stats. Only limited jutsu can increase level normally.

Increasing Level: Chakra/speed/strength that's a level higher than a jutsu/kugutsu-weaponry/taijutsu gives it a +1 level increase along with +1 advantage. Lower jutsu can only be increased by +1 level.

Example: Using a B-rank level jutsu or "jounin" jutsu would increase it's rank to [A-rank +1 advantage] if a member has A-rank/Elder for their base stat independent from the jutsu. E to D1, C to B1 even if A-rank/Elder.

A-rank and S-rank jutsu cannot have their level increased to Bijuu/Juubi this way or any way besides below unless limited abilities are used.

Underdog and Hardworker: The only normal way to gain bijuu/juubi level stats is by being the underdog or hardworker. The underdog or hardworker of a topic changes depending on how a IC topic progresses. If there is an underdog in a topic they will always have priority over the hardworker. An underdog is who is fighting 1v2 or more, a lower rank, etc. The hardworker is the person who has the most unique approach to a fight. Once an underdog or hardworker is agreed on they can choose to increase their speed or strength by 1 level, and this can reach bijuu/juubi level without advantages. The other option is to increase the stats of one jutsu similarly. The hardworker doesn't usually appear until a page of posting 1v1 to only backstab someone, or 5 of the hardworker's posts in a group topic. In the case of already having the level such as Six Paths Sage vs a Juubi Jin this boost becomes similar to kugutsu/taijutsu/weaponry. Do not ask topic members OOC until you've posted and your IC actions do not allude to it as you can be denied.

Stat Clashing: Lower instinct than opponent's highest means an ambush can't be detected unless mistakes are made or a sensory is active. Advantages over another stat simply mean in a direct clash the other will win. If stats are sustaining comparison then there's indirect clashing.

Within 1 level or Rank: A struggle is still possible initially. Struggling means distance can be kept if moving and delaying the opposition.
2 Level or Ranks: Finesse is required like an environmental or positioning advantage to contest the higher stat.
3 Level or Ranks: If speed or strength is lower the body won't beat the opponent's no matter what.

One of the six stats. The chakra stat on this site is chakra control, or chakra strength, and what determines how low-ranking jutsu can get higher power simply by having the stat. On the flavor side stronger chakra also gives things like Killing Intent.

For some mental techniques like genjutsu, chakra determines defense referring to how the specialty works.

Chuunin-level chakra is required to use S-rank jutsu that aren't Taijutsu, Weaponry, or Kugutsu.

One of the six stats. Stamina on this site is simply a member's actual chakra pool used for determining how many jutsu, weapon abilities, or bloodline abilities they can use in one topic.

On a more basic level, stamina is physical and mental endurance.

Stamina Costs and Pool: Refer to jutsu technique guidelines.

One of the six stats. Power from one's physical body is translated as simply strength on Naruto Night, and can give advantages to taijutsu. Lifting power and striking strength among other basic things are measured by strength. Strength is used to measure normal taijutsu as well, and at higher levels the stat can allow a character to be equal to chakra techniques.

Elder physical strength is required to destroy jutsu completely upon a non-taijutsu strike making contact and the opposing jutsu cannot have any advantages even if lower level.

One of the six stats. Speed is related to all parts of the body, and can give advantages to weaponry or kugutsu jutsu. How fast one can move and their hand seal speed are determined by a member's speed.

There is no reaction time stat. Jutsu is still usable even if the whole body can't move faster than someone else.

One of the six stats. The health of an individual is not a HP bar on Naruto Night, and it's a stat mainly shared with jutsu. Having a personal health stat gives pain tolerance and resistance to poison.

What health does mainly is allow an individual to have natural durability, but it cannot block everything just as jutsu health cannot block everything. To put it another way character health is only parrying. The health stat is the default defense of a character, and the ranks of health are the same as jutsu. Where health differs for characters is that it's temporary. After one post if something outside of character health has not been done to reduce damage then the character health stat is considered gone. Keeping Amaterasu on you you'll melt just like any normal person.

If health is bypassed through internal means or strength surpasses health, an opposition can do whatever damage they'd like reasonably. When facing opposing jutsu, a member's health isn't applicable for defense if they have a jutsu of higher health that loses.

The final stat. Instinct is a sixth sense that gives minor higher intellect, or also called plot armor. NPC don't usually have this stat. Instinct is compared to another character's instinct, and only allows OCCASIONAL metagaming for tactical purposes. Having advantages in instinct allows an individual to use their instinct stat more frequently against those a level higher in instinct if they have less advantages.

Instinct is the opposite of a reaction time stat. Instinct is used to solve puzzles, understand non-obvious drawbacks of jutsu, discover motives in conversation, or have political understanding.

Statistics Levels

The full shinobi names are used for physical stats. There are 6 levels for stats that are compared to canon Naruto characters and their feats. These are very loose comparisons and don't really need to be read unless not knowing Naruto.

The most important thing is to keep in mind A-ranks/S-ranks/Elders are the same stat level.



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