Limited Jutsu

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Limited Abilities/Jutsu

Limited Jutsu SGkefpN

Limited abilities are those that are more powerful than normal in canon and have unstated barriers to entry or are simply kinjutsu. The list can expand from Naruto Night updates. These jutsu aren't overpowered on Naruto Night, but we have determined that having them widespread would be illogical. Each technique will have more effort to reach an end result, but they will remain at the same power they are in canon.

Limited Jutsu Possession

Dojutsu/Karma/Sage Mode don't require jounin, but the other full versions require jounin-rank equivalent. Some of them allow 2 users or unlimited student users that are taught by PC. If members wish to claim one of these jutsu if they haven't started with them, they must first do the word count for the jutsu.

  • Changing specialties removes these jutsu if members don't want them anymore, but all levels trained are erased. Limited jutsu are at the peak of the site and cannot be boosted by stats to have a higher effect.
  • Registering jounin-ranks+ members start with 1 of these jutsu free. The 2nd limited jutsu can be gotten through holding all 3 invaded minor lands and getting their information for a month. Then, a person needs to have the authority of the winners.
  • Each user can only have 2 of these jutsu. They share their limited slots across accounts. Living Corpse Reincarnation/DNA allows members to possess 3 of these jutsu (including LCR/DNA).
  • Those that have these jutsu will be edited in to a roster and they can't be stolen/shared except through Living Corpse Reincarnation/Sharingan implant/eligible students, in which case members still need to claim them.
  • There are activity checks for these jutsu, and hunting people for these jutsu through proxy or personally is prohibited.

Limited Locations

  • Weight techniques are restricted to Dust Release clansmen due to the Lightweight being confirmed as being the flight technique. This is to make Dust more desired and not make flight available to all Earth Release users.
  • Bijuu techniques are restricted to jinchuuriki, such as Lava Release Armor. Zetsu's techniques are limited to Zetsu from Gedo Mazo.
  • Element stealing techniques are all placed in one clan. There are no other bloodline combinations of 2 different clans.
  • Chakra Transfer currently is limited to Bijuu, Sage Mode users, and usage directly for collaboration techniques.
  • No word reduction unless it explicitly comes from staff. No game jutsu off the wiki. No gamifying to establish a meta or absolute by-post traits such as for stuns. No reducing stats or debuffs with canon jutsu referring to jutsu rules. No debuffs, time, space, mind control, bijuu control, body take-over, flight, or nullification abilities can be made as customs.
  • Living Corpse Reincarnation is the only way to steal KKG and utilize them fully. Juubi/bijuu stats can only be gained by a few canon jutsu on Naruto Night such as Eighth Gate and double Kamui.

Limited Techniques Roster

Quote :
*Sage Mode*2


Orochimaru's Immortality/Kabuto's DNA (only 1 active)

*Eight Gates*2

*Flying Thunder God

Edo Tensei

Spirit Transformation Technique

Wood Release: Wood Human Technique/Buddha

Heavenly Transfer Technique

One's Own Life Reincarnation

Strength of a Hundred Seal*2

Kamui/space-time Sharingan*2


*Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Dustless Bewildering Cover and Fission Technique

Lightning Release Armor

Shinobi-Ware/Human Puppets*2 (both *2)
Quote :

* can be taught as lower-rank version to specific students who don't need to be jounin, with requirements in the jutsu application.
*2 means 2 people can possess a non-student version.


Limited Jutsu DolUZhU
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Limited Jutsu

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