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Site Storyline

There is no need to have followed Boruto on this site. Naruto Night takes place in a somewhat alternate universe, as it's after the time of Naruto and Boruto. In this time, characters don't know what happened during Boruto's timeline and don't know about secrets in Naruto. There are small changes from canon, but references to canon characters aren't banned as long as characters aren't in their family or affected by them.

Small Notes

  1. Mainly, just keep in mind that the setting is an alternate time after Boruto and Naruto, and due to it not being finished there's no need to have followed manga or anime.
  2. Technology is primitive and not in every area of the world. Using technology from Boruto is fine, as long as it doesn't affect any shinobi activities, information gathering, or combat. All technology should only be used for developmental or social purposes. The robotics specialty is different.

Site Background

Naruto Night's environment for characters takes place a few hundred years after Boruto and Naruto's time. For the moment, Boruto's history is unknown to people and is only hazy (as the story isn't complete). Kekkai Genkai have become harder to train surprisingly as they become less important, despite the fuinjutsu technique storage technology. In some parts of the world, Kekkai Genkai users are even looked down upon for not being open to those joining their clan, or adapting to the way the world is nowadays. Villages themselves are a lot less defensive though now, and they're more open to foreigners for the most part. If they decided to close themselves off, they would lose a great deal of new income in the new age.

Slightly better technology are in villages than found in Shippuden and larger buildings than in Naruto canon are common. Civilians of each village have begun to use ninja more for their greedy desires, and the world has become less dependent on ninja or their secrets. Some decades ago, people learned there was greater power beyond Madara's in a large-scale conflict. A slow bottling up of anxieties regarding a new age had finally burst open, and a large trade war occurred. Every village suffered different degrees of damage, and minor villages in particular became more suppressed. Amidst all the chaos, a lone individual had made use of the weakening villages to gather their own forces. Researching the changing shinobi world deeply, a rogue organization's leader had gotten possession of the legendary Rinnegan. The horrible enemy would awaken the world to how much easier Rinnegan was to obtain, and how much more team tactics were necessary in an age dependent on trade. Iwagakure had end up destroyed and bijuu chakra was distributed equally to every ninja on the planet by the lone villain with Rinnegan. As everyone tried to strut their individuality, the ninja world entered a lowly, dark age where normal people were mistreated and utilized forĀ all sorts of experiments. Eventually though, the bijuu's chakra would disperse. The act of equality didn't take into account the feelings of the bijuu, and eventually their chakra returned to full power, along with their hatred.
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Site Setting

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