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Techniques or "Jutsu"

Copy and paste the below coding into a new topic in the jutsu forum, fill it out, and then members post jutsu. Staff will then grade the jutsu.
[b]Hand Seals:[/b]

[b]Group or Character Tied?:[/b]

What are the word counts to train? They're simply found below. Genin get a 500 word count reduction if they're taught good by a recognizable PC sensei. Genin can reduce 5 jutsu per sensei members.

You can use any topic for word count claiming without needing to include actually training jutsu.

  • E-rank: 300 words
  • D-rank: 600 words
  • C-rank: 800 words
  • B-rank: 1500 words
  • A-rank: 2500 words
  • S-rank: 3000 words - multi-function customs are this rank. S-ranks require little to no hand seals.

All jutsu have specialties, and all jutsu require members to have their specialty to use them unless the jutsu are C-rank. Jutsu that use multiple specialties need all the specialties to be at equal rank for the jutsu.


Once the upkeep on a jutsu ends a usage is used up for that jutsu. Until a jutsu becomes a Legacy Jutsu it has set uses per topic. Ninja need to adapt not spam.

E-rank jutsu have unlimited uses each.
D-A have 5 uses each.
S-rank have 3 uses each.

Legacy Jutsu

The first time each person is taught any B-rank+ jutsu IC by you gives 1 Legacy Point. Word count needs to be dedicated to training a jutsu. Rasengan and Chidori variants are the only natural Legacy Jutsu. Legacy Jutsu are created better versions of B-rank+ canon and custom techniques while contributing them to allies or charity. Supported by past teachers and the village, Legacy Jutsu can even become used world-wide. Legacy Points all uncap the uses of a jutsu, make it require no hand seals, and allow free registration to make them stronger. Legacy Jutsu can only be used on a choice between canon or custom. Jutsu that originate from another PC can be either canon or custom. 1 Legacy Point can be gotten for free once by choosing an inactive's jutsu to improve if no one else has chosen the jutsu by posting on the topic. Each 10 Introduction Forum new member replies handled nicely gives 1 Legacy Point.

Jutsu Stats

Some techniques have no speed or stat like clones, contact jutsu, and self jutsu. Normally by default, all custom/canon jutsu have base stats for their rank, and they are INDEPENDENT of character statistics. If approved otherwise, they still have the base stats for their rank. Taijutsu do not give stats to jutsu.

Level increasing: Jutsu ranks can only be increased by 1 level+1 advantage by chakra, speed, or strength. Speed is for kugutsu/weaponry, strength is for taijutsu rank. Stat boosts on a jutsu aren't increased.

Advantages and Boosts

Boosts and Advantages are what combat staff use for understanding fight conflicts usually. Writers and PC working together can optionally choose to ignore advantages if there's no conflicting intentions. Advantages (+, +1, ++, +2, etc.) are what determine if a jutsu or stat defeats another jutsu or stat if their levels are the same. Advantages are not registered, but S-ranks usually have advantages. All advantages boost effects without going to the next level/rank. Boosts are called "advantages" on Naruto Night and every character has a maximum of +6 they can use on each stat or jutsu. This means multiple jutsu can have +6 along with multiple stats. Level increases are not available to custom jutsu.

If jutsu are incorrectly perceived as less advantages at an earlier topic, they aren't forced to stay that way. Ask for logical advantages and you shall receive usually.

  • Generic Boosts: Body Flicker Technique, strength increasing techniques, jutsu armor, or clear boosts can give +2 to each relevant jutsu stat or character stat. Thus, 4 advantages remain to be put into the stat boosted.
  • Elemental Superiority: Water Release suppresses Fire Release for example. Therefore +1.
  • Cooperation Jutsu: Collaboration jutsu are harder to perform and stronger than a jutsu cast alone. Therefore +1.
  • 1+1: Chakra/strength/speed give an advantage if the stat rank is above a specific jutsu's. Therefore +1.
  • Multi-Specialties: Combining 2+ specialties in techniques increases complexity. Therefore +1.
  • Derived Jutsu: Lastly, "derived" jutsu that require a prior technique to be learned can give +2 (for a total of +4 even with just generic boosts). Forming your own style like Rasengan to Rasenshuriken. Eight Gates jutsu.

There are other situations that can give advantages, but the maximum is always +6. Ask IC NOT OOC and think realistically with your character to gain advantages.

Stamina Costs

Stamina Pool

Advantages: Each +1 advantage permanently gives +50 to stamina pools for the rest of a topic, not increased by clones. Extra stamina and sealed jutsu are capped to 2x your base pool. Stamina can only be recovered in total up to the 2x. Stamina stops regenerating until the topic is left when the 2x is reached in total. Natural recovery occurs up to half of base stamina for every 3 posts without using jutsu above rank C. Custom forms of stamina recovery aren't available. Being tired physically drains from the chakra pool if stamina's ignored to ridiculous levels like multiple pages of fighting and fast travel. Exiting a topic will not recover your stamina rarely if being followed or in enemy territory.

  1. E-rank/Student: 200
  2. D-rank/Genin: 300
  3. C-rank/Chuunin: 400
  4. B-rank/Jounin: 500
  5. A-rank/S-rank/Sannin/Elder: 600
  6. Bijuu/Juubi: 1000

Base Stamina Costs

  1. E-rank: 10
  2. D-rank: 10
  3. C-rank: 20
  4. B-rank: 20
  5. A-rank: 50
  6. S-rank: 100

Upkeep Stamina Costs

  1. E-rank: No Upkeep
  2. D-rank: 10
  3. C-rank: 10
  4. B-rank: 10
  5. A-rank: 50
  6. S-rank: 50

Actives and Clones: Clones and similar jutsu permanently take a portion of stamina until released. Logically some jutsu such as medical ninjutsu are "permanent" but don't take permanent stamina. Clones all have -1 level to their health but this cannot be used to tell that they're fake. Clones can have stamina allocated as the user pleases, but clones below B-rank need a tenth. The clones copy the state of their user reasonably. At A-rank stamina clones also can use any active jutsu of their user or other clones without needing to pay stamina. If one cancels a jutsu all the jutsu are cancelled unless uses or stamina is left. Shared jutsu use has all jutsu stats reduced by -1 level.

Hiden Techniques

If members aren't born in a hiden clan (Yamanaka, Akimichi, Nara, etc.), members require double word count to learn all hiden jutsu and require an initial word count training of 3,000 words forcing a PC to teach members. Dance of the Shikigami and Super Beast Imitating Drawing are the only jutsu in canon that we specially classify as being created hiden; therefore, they require clans to be created.

Jutsu Clashing

Stacking defenses (or stacking defensive attacks like Kakashi using Raikiri against Kakuzu elements) isn't possible and neither is spamming offensive jutsu for a higher effect. A higher stat won't be reduced in strength by multiple jutsu but simply the strongest one. Then, it will defeat the rest as if they're paper (including a member's own health stat). Even after a post an offensive jutsu will simply regain it's original strength.

The only exception would be medical ninjutsu techniques or limited canon cloaks. They heal or defend attacks by taking away advantages equal to the amount of advantages above an offensive jutsu they have, and then the health defense is applied. Each -1 advantage not meeting another advantage means -1 level instead.

When jutsu of the exact same stats clash the members can choose to share their Instinct stat and thus their thoughts. The phenomenon visually looks like the clashes of Naruto and Sasuke while being connected to the religion of Ninshu.


Chakra absorption is a debuff specialty for stamina, and debuffs are limited to that specialty. All other jutsu that reduce mobility/genjutsu/poison do not affect stats. Chakra absorption applies to a member's highest stat. Only after 3 posts of contact or with an unresisting opposition can someone have their entire stamina pool absorbed like Killer Bee or against Zetsu - Rinnegan is the only exception.

  • Chakra Absorption advantages above opposing jutsu/character's HIGHEST STAT but the same level: Absorption restores all stamina used, 0 upkeep, and gives half upkeep back. In other words, an opponent would lose their stamina equal to half the upkeep of chakra absorption.
  • Chakra Absorption Above HIGHEST STAT Or Jutsu but at different level: Entire jutsu can only be absorbed in this case. After 3 posts an opponent's stamina is depleted, but before then the opponent is paralyzed with continued contact. No technique stamina is restored to the absorption user as their pool is incompatible, but exhaustion is relieved.
  • Chakra Absorption Lower Than HIGHEST STAT or Jutsu: The absorption fails.
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