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Influence System


Influence is the foundation for gaining information and also shows the character's direction. While there are lucky circumstances or long cons most good information is gotten by simply being relevant. Jiraiya was messing with Akatsuki with an information network, and Akatsuki itself became considered a walking village of their own in influence.

Influence is claimed in the relevant topic or your updates.

Total Influence

Keep in mind influence is never expended except for information and your overall total influence isn't reduced. Total influence can be used to get rewards that are separate from information.

Total influence is what determines what rank NPC can be used following the guide in the NPC forum.

NPC Guide
E-rank NPC: 500
D-rank NPC: 1000
C-rank NPC: 2000
B-rank NPC: 10000
A-rank NPC: 13000
S-rank NPC: 15000

Influence Milestones

Each time your influence reaches these numbers you can claim one of the bonuses.

Each 500: Increase your jutsu cap by 1 up to A-ranks.
Each 1000: Sasuke and Naruto's shuriken. You can use another allied IC member's account just once to RP as them with their permission, and are only exposed by PC Byakugan. You can only use what your original character had in arsenal as you're just using Transformation. 3 topic limit and main account's situation needs to match at all times. Please change your passwords and delete private messages before for security. Or, you can reserve a Limited spot once.
Each 2000: Transformation no Jutsu. You can use a new or current alt to have been considered your "main" all along. Literally, you transform on the forum. Just once you can use another account to hide your character IC and reveal yourself when you want. Nothing the account possesses can contradict with what your real character can learn except starting ryo. The account needs to have matched the main's situation in 3 topic limit at all times, and if the account performs something it's not on paper able to use a staff member needs to be informed of the real identity+the alt will no longer be considered an alt. Reserve a Best in the World slot once.
Each 4000: Reserve an Otsutsuki or Bijuu spot just once. Or once per reaching you can intercept someone's information purchase within 48 hours - you can also change the information's contents or simply steal it. You can also choose to get in contact with someone OOC and consider the interaction hidden IC. Intercepting information requires posting on the topic but contacting OOC simply needs to be screenshot for future questions.
Each 10,000: Equal to Kage with admin permission since influence inflates. Create your own copy of a member's custom. Raikiri and Hell Stab. Create own sub-forum in a land. Make a jutsu cost no stamina permanently OOC (not acknowledged IC).
15,000: You influence the plot itself, this also granted with admin permission as influence inflates. Just once, you can void a topic you participate in up to any point you choose or void it entirely. People will still retain rewards from the topic. You can also learn 3 techniques instantly during a topic. You can have 1 application not approved openly on the site. Application effects need to be described FULLY each time IC in a way the characters present can sense them, but Sharingan's Copy Jutsu and mind reading can understand certain things like jutsu completely.

Gaining Influence

The influence that is obtained IC can come in many different ways. Here you'll find a guideline. The only normal OOC way to keep gaining influence is by consistent good interaction in the Introduction Forum to new members.

Starting - Hiden (secret technique) and clanless characters start with 2500 influence.

Victory (50-250) - You've shown an interesting fight where you've come out the victor. This varies by rank and execution.
Defeat (50-250) - You've shown an...interesting loss...This varies by rank and execution. The loss can become a badge of honor like Kakuzu to Hashirama.
Rivalry (1250) - You've shown you and another member constantly butt heads IC.  

Best in the World (2000) - You're world renowned for being the fastest, strongest, or what have you for stats.  
Continuing Legacy (500) - You've brought Legacy Jutsu of your own or others to new heights.

Defeating (famous ones)
Village Defense - 500
Organization's Defense - 500
PC's Defense - 350

Destroying (do not stack)
Whole Village - 3000
Partial Village - 1500
Minor Nation - 1000
Community/Clan - 750
Stronghold - 400

Defying (actually defying them OOC for "better" solution)
Kage - 500
A Leader - 200
A Higher Rank - 150
A Squad Leader - 100

Follower (1000) - You followed someone's plotted directions to their natural and developmental conclusion.
Alliance (1000) - You've created a village alliance for actual mutual benefit effective immediately.
Shared Interests (750) - You've participated meaningfully in a collaborative operation with another village.

Implant? (1350) - You've shown interesting use of a bloodline that surpasses the rightful users.
Of the Sharingan (1350) - You've shown you're the best user of a clan's abilities.

Tailed Hopes (2000) - You've sealed a bijuu into a jinchuuriki and prepared their future.
Summon Deadlock (1000) - Successfully and seriously fight mainly with a summon against a PC group.

Poison Master (1200) - Successfully poison a PC to death, but this doesn't mean hiding the poison's name in a post. You do need to make it so that being poisoned is the least expected death. Full medical specialty only.
Shared Infamy (1200) - Kill multiple PC with the same S-rank custom jutsu in the same way, or one that is indistinguishable to another's custom use such as Chidori and Raikiri.

People can be found to have exceedingly high influence compared to others by staff (as in the people have capped on everything). Outside of the scale once a month staff can then start to reward a high amount of influence to contenders directly contesting and catching up with feats.


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Influence System

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