Information & Invasion System

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Information & Invasion

The Information and Invasion system is the supplement for the roleplay to be like canon. Throughout stories information is an important driving or suspicious force. In Naruto many characters like Jiraiya spend most of their time using information networks to balance the story. Ninja or "shinobi" are military forces but per their names spy networks take the key role. On Naruto Night information is used to make metagaming a more realistic component on roleplay.

Information Rules

Information dumping is banned. It means IC characters randomly going to another character and sharing everything they know randomly.

Pieces of information are registered in the information network forum. All information is classified by rank and requires expending or spending influence. Ryo can't buy all information realistically, but instead influence is the force that makes it so characters are allowed to come to the conclusions their status grants.

E-rank: 50
D-rank: 50
C-rank: 200
B-rank: 250
A-rank: 1500
S-rank: 2000

Examples: For the most part information matches the rank of what is being accessed. A-rank information can learn parts about Kage. S-rank can learn about daimyo location and security. S-rank can learn about secrets of the world - Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan or hidden canon events like Itachi's Massacre.

This does not mean if you're at a rank you have access to all information. In canon, Tsunade doesn't know about the Uchiha Massacre's truth. Kage don't simply know everything about a village. What this means is that all new Kage start on equal footing to their predecessors.

Types of Information

The below are simply examples. The types of information available are always changing as the roleplay progresses and creativity flows. All information comes in pieces.

  • Information on bloodlines.
  • Information on "exemplary" individuals in a village aka PC.
  • Information on non-ninja.
  • Information on techniques.
  • Information on history.
  • Information on past missions.
  • Information on active missions.
  • Information on items beside name.

This system doesn't prevent people from knowing about techniques or acquiring information normally. The system is designed as an enjoyable boundary for metagaming. Information requires influence, but there is an exception in invasions.

Invasion System

Invasions are done by actual characters rather than mindless destroyers. Each successful invade on a major village gives access to 5 free information a calendar month to one of the winners as settled IC. Therefore, conquering a major village will not give all information. Invasion system information cannot give information about PC or "exemplary" individuals, limiteds, or bijuu.

Free information from invading is based on effort put in and not spamming invades right after someone else. Free S-rank information won't just come every month unless appropriate and the best comes from fighting S-rank controlled opposition after great build-up.

Freedom - Until a village frees themselves AND strike back their information will continue to leak as shown on the information roster page.

Village Invade Information Roster

Minor Lands/Villages

Missions can take place in these undiscovered treasures but can't do things like obliterate them, dominate them, or establish leaders.

  • 3 minor villages at all times retain 3 free information on major villages and invading them will each give the 3 information at the end. Villages will contest each other for these minor village's influence. For canon examples, Danzo's relationship with Hanzo in Amegakure and the major village's relationship with Akatsuki.

  • Once invasion is successful a village is added to have information control, but if other villages want to acquire one of the 3 spots they don't necessarily have to invade that minor village. Any new minor village being successfully invaded takes over the information control. Every new invasion requires notifying a defending party. Each time an invasion is successful a village can upgrade one time.
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Information & Invasion System

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