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Forum Rules

It's expected all of these rules and common sense will be observed. General forum and general roleplaying rules are consistent across good times. No metagaming, no godmodding, no autohitting, no abusing, and overall no controlling beyond the need of realism. Characters play their realistic role while the roleplayer preserves the realistic dreams. Manipulating the boundaries to realism and what would be tactically necessary to a character are the only combat rules. Without modifying on the level of a god there's simply no way for a newly registered to instantly bypass the defense of the final villain of the series.

Rule Breaking Sanctions: Sanctions are placed on a member if they have broken a rule. Post voiding can occur if characters do unrealistic actions or they have directly broken rules. It's effectively a 48 hour skip for a character, or people will ignore their existence.

1. Behavior: Members are expected to act responsibly on the forum. Members should treat others as they'd like to be treated and roleplay by posting a few lines. Naruto Night isn't a place to let out negative feelings. Sexual and harassing content is prohibited on this site.
Sanction: Temporary ban

2. Characters: To roleplay on Naruto Night, members must first register a character. Registering a character is quick and easy, found in the characters forum. Members can only have one character per account and member account names should be their character's. Members introducing themselves to the forum if they'd like or replying to welcomes gets them in-character rewards just by posting in the introduction forum.

Any changes to member characters for the most part needs approval in topics.

3. Topics and Flashbacks: All topics follow a post order of actions. Members cannot double post by skipping another member unless 48 hours have passed since someone's turn in a post order. Autohits from previous attempted attacks can be called after 48 hours. For non-48 hour hits, members need to inform their opponent before they post.

Actions and exits usually can't be interrupted by those illogically outside of a topic. 48 hours after an exit and post rotation the exit can't be interrupted by those outside a topic no matter what.

4. On this site, members can have 5 topics running at a time all in one area/village. The 5 topics can be missions. Members cannot win over others if their character has found themselves dead or in a disadvantageous position in another topic. Flashbacks aren't allowed normally. They're basically time manipulation and they can be used to squeeze in training or establish things that shouldn't be flimsly established.

The only form of "flashback" allowed is for training jutsu or to think back to the past, but all characters will still be in the present.
Sanction: Post void

Naruto World Map
5. Traveling Rules: Leaving or going into a village then a post needs to be made going through the gates or have an applicable way to bypass security. Going outside a village at least one post needs to be made in Open Lands without space-time. Interrupting travel can be done at any point on the map if there is good reason and the path of travel is vague.
Sanction: Post void

6. Editing and Metagame: Editing is not allowed for posts after somebody else has posted, unless members have got permission of each person in a topic. Metagaming is the most enforced RP rule on this site, and it means to use out-of-character information, which is prohibited.
Sanction: Post void

7. Topic Tags: Non-abused and logical private topics/no-kill/topics limited to a specific member cannot be invaded without permission normally, or have their titles changed. The only normal exception to this is if a current member of the topic gains permission of the topic creator, or a majority of those in the topic, to change a topic to non-private/kill.

There is an option of titling the topic "NP" or "No Pressure". If topic participants don't want something negative to happen or are too lazy it won't happen even if it's someone else's action. You can edit past posts also but people do not need to give you more than 48 hours and can leave at any time. This is not allowed to be abused and is only for RP without consequence or needless thinking.
Sanction: Post void

8. Conflict: In collaborative writing there are bound to be conflicts. Staff members should not have to forcefully participate. All conflicts first need the involved parties to talk to each other in some capacity such as Discord. If no solution is agreed upon then staff will first determine if there are metagaming elements to void. Finally, in the case of combat difficulty will be assessed for potential benefits. If a jounin has attacked a genin easily and randomly it will likely not work out.

9. Activity: Activity is neither too little or too much monitored. Purely roleplaying does not need to contribute to activity. Contributing to the community like in creating dozens of open missions, open jutsu, doing adverts, or staff work is considered being active. Activity checks are done routinely but if someone is found to put up a lazy effort to seem active their position will be revoked.

10. Quitting: Quitters aren't rewarded on this site. If members leave, then they start at the bottom upon their return, while only retaining rewards from monetary investment (like purchasing forumotion credits). This has 0 wiggle room, so if members need to leave then post an absence instead of deciding to no longer be a member.

11. Chatbox: Fun for the forum can come in many different ways and nobody should be taunted for it. Members shouldn't harass others if they don't want to talk to a particular person. Use the chatbox to chat and find people to roleplay with. If asked and referencing this rule staff need to grade on Discord AFTER they post on a registration. Discord usually takes less time but if things take too long the staff member can decline.

12. Advertising: Advertising is only allowed in it's specific forum. Harassing members with private messages of a site or advertising on the chatbox is prohibited. Advertising Naruto Night elsewhere is good.
Sanction: Temporary ban

General Posting Tips: Again, a few lines of roleplaying is best when posting. When members have their character thinking, it'd be good to italicize the text. If members are talking, maybe color their text. Posts should always be made easier to read for others.


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