Otsutsuki and Six Paths

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Otsutsuki and Six Paths


Celestial beings from other dimensions separate from shinobi. To compare their starting spot to early Naruto it's like starting in Akatsuki. They can't become ninja or shinobi, but can create or join other organizations. Traveling worlds for their own gain they tend to have fatalistic views. All canon abilities shown by Otsutsuki will be available.

Origin Choices

  • 3 Otsutsuki can be active at a time and they have the scrutiny of Kage while starting at Elder. Rinnegan alts can bypass the cap referring to below.

  • All Otsutsuki start with Byakugan, but they can't use Gentle Fist besides targeting innards easier.

  • "Half-Otsutsuki" descendants like Toneri can choose to have the potential of Tenseigan which is gained by implanting both of the eyes of a strong Hyuuga. They receive no other Otsutsuki benefits and are effectively Hyuuga without Gentle Fist while requiring absorption specialty.

  • Tenseigan is simple by nature currently. It can create life out of inanimate objects and focus chakra into energy attacks. Tenseigan Chakra Mode can be used for an enhanced state, to have Truth Seeking Balls, and the special ability to regenerate their own Truth Seeking Balls. Tenseigan Chakra Mode is equivalent to the chakra mode of normal jinchuuriki.

  • "Normal Otsutsuki" start with 1 bloodline in addition to their Byakugan, and a special ability that hordes chakra for special use. Each Otsutsuki has a different bloodline that can be custom, but can't be Mangekyou. The bloodline CAN be Rinnegan. Hording chakra cannot affect limiteds and requires absorption specialty. The special ability is usually so versatile that it's the core of the Otsutsuki's fighting style and bridges the gap of them not using normal shinobi techniques. The special horde ability is registered S-rank free while affecting any and all targets at any stat.

  • In terms of power it is possible to reach beyond a Juubi Jinchuuriki as Otsutsuki after absorbing all bijuu. The Otsutsuki with Rinnegan can only have 3 of it's powers (sight sharing etc. count) of choice.

  • Normal Otsutsuki each have a dimensional S-rank base registered with their ability and which they can access with portals. Dimensions have one special feature that cannot autohit. Portals operate on speed stat and work similar to leaving Kamui in terms of teleporting possibilities. Only 2 Otsutsuki portals can be open at a time and they take B-rank stamina for each passenger which is unrecoverable for 3 topics. Different dimensions are S-rank stamina. Otsutsuki and Rinnegan have the ability to sense (not see) dimensional space-time jutsu used across any distance so they can invade dimensions. Sasuke's Rinnegan portals are not available to all. Finally, Otsutsuki can fly at their speed stat and space travel is possible for them without negative effect.

  • Otsutsuki do not get Six Paths Chakra and can't kill bijuu. They naturally counter bijuu by nature, but they're not usually equivalent to Juubi Jinchuuriki. Full Otsutsuki with an Otsutsuki companion can fully transfer their power for a mode equivalent to juubi jinchuuriki in stats temporarily. Full transfer is only by cannibalized death and is a law of the clan. The boost is largely temporary, but does give the consumed's special ability permanently.

  • Otsutsuki that are killed, almost impossible when they reach Kaguya's power, will form "Karma" as subject to changes in Boruto.

Scaling is all over the place in canon, but Kaguya Otsutsuki is an outlier. Otsutsuki can't perform any limiteds, jinchuuriki powers, summons, or foreign bloodline implants (besides Byakugan in one case), but they can accumulate "power" like Kaguya Otsutsuki albeit not having versatility through all advanced elements like Madara's Storm Release. They can't completely share their power besides through Karma which will evolve with canon.

Normal Otsutsuki tend to be arrogant and cannot create custom jutsu of their own (besides bloodline abilities). They can only train 10 shinobi techniques, and if they don't choose E-rank jutsu like waterwalking they don't get them. All Otsutsuki use of shinobi techniques require no hand seals.

Six Paths Chakra

Special chakra related to the Samsara Rinnegan eyes representating true rebirth. The peak form of chakra is a vague but finite resource.

  • Six Paths Chakra can only be obtained through awakeners reviving with Rinnegan, becoming juubi jinchuuriki, or shared from the original awakeners (with Rinnegan awakeners needing to have Rinnegan). Only awakeners of Rinnegan can absorb Six Paths Chakra properties. Otsutsuki do not awaken Rinnegan and thus will never have Six Paths Chakra.

  • Six Paths Chakra gives a +1 level boost to chakra along with instinct to those that have it, and can reach juubi/bijuu-level. Additionally, those with Six Paths Chakra have more resistance to absorption techniques, and take 6 posts to have their chakra drained completely.

  • Rasenshuriken requires Six Paths Chakra to throw it at base. Truth-Seeking Balls can be permanently destroyed until power is re-ignited by obtaining finite Six Paths Chakra from others.

  • Six Paths Sage Mode is Naruto's war arc unique mode gifted by Hagoromo who had ample time to comprehend chakra. Six Paths Sage Mode requires Sage Mode, the cooperative chakra of all bijuu, and meeting Hagoromo once approved. This mode has little difference to Juubi Jinchuuriki in that they can't learn advanced elements, their reserves aren't as deep, and they don't have free max regeneration. There are different benefits. The Bijuu advanced elements can be used. Users can heal others completely besides technique damage that sacrifices life, and Night Guy can't be healed. Additionally, instinct stat scales to any opposing opponent's, and will always be considered higher from "universal knowing of all things". Six Paths Sage Mode can only be used for 3 topics but the advanced elements can be used as long as good terms are kept with bijuu. The user is permanently good-willed, tied to their village, but at the same time as it appears their counterpart in a Rinne Sharingan user will manifest.


First thought to be descended from the Sage of Six Paths the Rinnegan also has ties to Otsutsuki. The Otsutsuki's Rinnegan seem to have unclear canon restrictions that don't follow the religious nature of Six Paths (Rikudou literally meaning Six Paths as in the Sage's name) Rinnegan. Indra and Ashura's chakra aren't a requirement for Sage Rinnegan on this site, or also known as Pain's Rinnegan. Rinnegan alone in it's canon state is perfectly beatable past, present, and future. It's accessible to everybody due to tailed beast chakra being a widespread mutation to people in the world, or an after-effect of Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Senju clan leader knows about Rinnegan techniques, Uchiha clan leader knows about Rinnegan history from pre-war Madara's perception, and Uzumaki clan leader knows about Rinnegan Fuinjutsu. The information doesn't stop players from pursuing power and they will know about techniques on unlocking.


  • Birthright - Awakeners must be a member of the Uchiha/Senju/Uzumaki clans and having implanted strong DNA from the missing half of eyes to body. Eternal Mangekyou is required.

  • Lore - Rinnegan will not unlock immediately if wanting to hide it, but it also will not unlock at old age like Madara due to the world changes unknown to date. Giving one's naturally awakened Rinnegan to someone else will immediately age a person to death unless they have the Gedo Mazo to barely live incognito for a short time if they gave away both eyes. All stats are reduced to student permanently and only C-rank jutsu can be used. If the Rinnegan is returned, risking using Preta Path on a bijuu is possible to return to youth.

  • Why? - The Rinnegan user needs to decide whether they want to become guaranteed to become stronger along with a bonus. Fighting even once with Rinnegan takes away the option. Why become old? There is no stopping others from taking the Rinnegan and EMS alone has made a person high-profile. If a person decides to age themselves they can give their Rinnegan to staff OOC safely. The Rinnegan will then be incorporated into an event where the original user gets revived stronger. More importantly, they are offered a free Otsutsuki alt character. Rinnegan users also need to truly die to receive Six Paths Chakra and cannot force someone to revive them without significant weakening or metagaming.

  • Revival - Rinnegan awakeners can only be revived fully once and only by Outer Path. Thus, they're revived blind. Edo Tensei can revive at "prime" with Rinnegan. The Edo Tensei state is indeed "stronger" than a normal Rinnegan user, but they won't have natural access to Six Paths Chakra or their unique Rinnegan ability as an Edo Tensei. Instant Perfect Susanoo is available. To deal with juubi jinchuuriki, the Edo Tensei can absorb Six Paths Chakra temporarily with sufficient force like their Perfect Susanoo. This gives them the chance to regain their Rinnegan if stolen (in the case of Obito), and force someone to revive them. All Rinnegan awakeners when revived by Outer Path fully are blind, but in the case of Edo Tensei, they'll have scraps of Six Paths Chakra available to them for 10 posts.

  • Bloodline - Once a Rinnegan user is revived fully their Rinnegan are destroyed upon dying or losing the eyes, and they cannot be revived again. Rinnegan cannot be destroyed outside of the body who controls it fully. Those without the natural "body" for implanted Rinnegan have gigantic tripled chakra costs, and can only have a single Rinnegan eye that prevents any jutsu from having a chakra bonus unless it's Sasuke's eye. Otsutsuki Rinnegan cannot be implanted.

Rinnegan Powers
For the most part, Rinnegan is self-explanatory and doesn't need restrictions with custom characters much stronger than in canon, when there's already canon Rinnegan counters. All who possess Sage Rinnegan are able to use the Six Paths Technique.

  • Rinnegan Signature - Each Rinnegan pair has one unique power only used by those awakened naturally and while fully alive. One non-Sasuke eye gives a weaker version. The power twists the rules.

  • Training - All Rinnegan abilities require B-rank training each that can be done in a spoiler while in a topic. All Rinnegan paths to be used require the related specialty. Deva and Human Ninjutsu. Naraka and Animal Kuchiyose. Asura Kugutsu. Preta absorption. Yes, that means if you build correctly you can get Six Paths of Pain. Barrier Ninjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu were not needed by the Sage.

  • Passives - Rinnegan fixes Izanami/Izanagi blindness used before getting it, and afterward the jutsu can no longer be used. Preta Path can restore from old age as shown by Nagato against Killer Bee's Hachibi chakra, and the only thing stopping it after using Gedo Mazo is the inherent risk of going around with the disabled body. Momoshiki's Rinnegan as well can maintain youth.

  • Path Traits - The first one to summon Gedo Mazo gets it. Gravity techniques do not affect A-rank techniques+ that have advantages or those with elder-level strength. Deva Path has a cooldown of 2 posts, 4 posts for Chibaku Tensei and widespread Shinra Tensei. Preta Path can only absorb chakra easy to access and not things like fuinjutsu. Only 2 posts is needed for Preta Path to completely drain someone, and the chakra level of the absorption varies following absorption rules. Preta Path has a low-end bijuu/juubi stat to absorb mostly anything if needed. Outer Path chains are the same as Uzumaki chains in function and require no specialties while being considered fuinjutsu. Outer Path revival can be used on a single target who are on the crossroads of life and death from any point of time. Infinite targets globally recently deceased can be targeted as an alternative. Either way, Outer Path revival results in death without Black Zetsu and Gedo Mazo.

    Hagoromo's Outer Path usage is only possible if awakened their Rinnegan themselves and are interesting enough as juubi jinchuuriki for an extended period. It also requires being dead and in purgatory relying on scraps of uncontrolled juubi jinchuuriki chakra to manifest. Obito's a one-time exception with a link, Kamui, and Six Paths chakra.

Zetsu/Gedo Mazo
White Zetsu techniques and Mayfly are limited to White Zetsu from Gedo Mazo cultivation while possessing Rinnegan, and they have student stats/no KKG/no improved jutsu/only their Zetsu jutsu with no specialties or abilities. Zetsu don't copy stats and can only use copied jutsu-can't copy S-rank or equivalents (common sense). The fourth databook says White Zetsu ate people for increased reserves, so their reserves can be improved by eating NPC. Attaching White Zetsu to oneself prevents blindness from Mangekyou Sharingan, but Eternal Mangekyou can never be obtained. A being similar to Black Zetsu can be created only once by a Rinnegan awakener with Gedo Mazo.

Gedo Mazo summoning doesn't need kuchiyose, and the sealing of juubi doesn't require fuinjutsu due to Rinnegan along with Hagoromo creating fuinjutsu. Gedo Mazo has all elder stats.
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Otsutsuki and Six Paths

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