Kaguya Clan

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Kaguya Clan 8mfu1Zb

An extinct clan, revived through science, perhaps this generation will flourish

Clan Name: Kaguya
Appearance: Tend to look savage or sickly.
History: The Kaguya clan were descendants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, and a selective few, namely Kimimaro, possessed the kekkei genkai Shikotsumyaku most likely from Kaguya's original bone-manipulating ability. This ability was so powerful that even the war-loving Kaguya clan feared it. The clan was noted for being very savage and battle-hungry, having no tactics when entering battle that they initiated simply to show off their ferocity. It was due to this failed attempt to prove themselves that the entire clan was most likely killed off when attacking Kirigakure; even when surrounded and completely outmatched, they refused to back down, preferring to fight to the death simply to entertain their own bloodlust to the last.

Kimimaro was the only one of the clan to survive, as he did not share the same urge for barbaric slaughter as the others, and after being adopted by Orochimaru, he would live as the last of the Kaguya clan for several years, but eventually died of a terminal illness. That was that for the pure blooded Kaguya, no other Kaguya could be born with Kimimaro's death, though they could not be born they could be made. Orochimaru would dedicate a portion of his life to create an artificial Kaguya, similar to how he created Yamato with the wood style, eventually after years of struggling he'd most likely succeeded. A small colony of Kaguya were born. After gathering chakra from Kaguya's battle against Naruto and Sasuke, harvesting that chakra while his children where formed, implanting the chakra had the added effect of strengthening the rate of which the power was passed down too those with Kaguya genes. Eventually a whole new clan of Kaguya roamed the world, all of them owing their lives to Orochimaru.
Ability Names: Shikotsumyaku bone manipulation.
Ability Descriptions: Shikotsumyaku (屍骨脈, Literally meaning: Dead Bone Pulse, Meaning (Viz): Macabre Bone Pulse) is a kekkei genkai which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure (their osteoblasts and osteoclasts). By infusing their calcium with chakra, they could manipulate the growth and properties of their bones to their liking. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki manifested a similar, albeit more lethal, ability to weaponize her bone structure from which Shikotsumyaku originates. This kekkei genkai is inherited into a rare few among Kaguya's descendants in the Kaguya clan, with Kimimaro being the only other known inheritor of this power.

Due to being intrinsically linked to the body with bone manipulation the custom kekkai genkai jutsu that are taijutsu related require zero handsigns.
Chakra Costs: N/A
Requirements: Born in to the clan.
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Kaguya Clan

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