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Clan Name: Uchiha
Appearance: Uchiha can be found wearing the Uchiha clan crest on their clothing which looks like a paper fan.
History: Descended from the older son of the Sage of the Six Paths. The older son "Indra" inherited the "eyes" of the Sage. Questioned by the sage in ideals, the sage instead favored the younger son "Ashura" to inherit his power and "body". The elder brother was filled with jealousy and hate, so the Curse of Hatred was created that has been carried down through generations of Uchiha bloodshed. The younger brother formed a rival Senju Clan, while the older brother formed the Uchiha clan that would even fight over itself. Both clans would fight each other over many years as well. Eventually, the 2 rival clans would form the village of Konohagakure together with the prominent Senju Hashirama. The Uchiha clan leader Madara would be shunned by his kin and the village perhaps for his power or intense protection toward his clan, so he would clash with his friend Hashirama many years later to compromise Konohagakure. Orchestrating the Kyuubi Attack on Konoha through a hidden student called Obito Uchiha, Madara had passed away and let Obito try to gather bijuu for the Eye of the Moon Plan. Aggravated by the Kyuubi Attack, Konoha looked down upon the Uchiha Clan residing there, and eventually Itachi Uchiha under the cover of being insane massacred his entire clan so they wouldn't form a coup against Konohagakure.

Eventually, Itachi would be killed by his misunderstood brother Sasuke who he had spared from the massacre. After being believed dead, Madara had come back to life through the efforts of Obito Uchiha and attempted to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi. The younger Uchiha clansmen called Sasuke Uchiha would eventually defeat Madara's legacy with Naruto Uzumaki, a Senju descendent. Shortly after settling things with Naruto, Sasuke would break his Curse of Hatred inherited from being a transmigrant of Indra.
Ability Names: Sharingan (Uchiha Specialty cannot be implanted)
Ability Descriptions:
The Sharingan is a dojutsu (eye jutsu) and it has multiple levels. There are emotional requirements to unlock each level of the dojutsu. Each level of the dojutsu gives a new "tomoe" to shining blood-red eyes. The highest level of the dojutsu gives a custom shape to one's eye.

All tomoe of the Sharingan share similar abilities, with the higher number of tomoe giving more strength to their dojutsu.

Sharingan Unlocking

Jounin+ starting Uchiha can train their tomoe. Lower ranks do not need to and cannot train tomoe. All jounin are strong Uchiha who have tomoe 3 Sharingan but are simply locked off from it due to past or present emotional issues.

1,000 words tomoe 1.
2,500 words tomoe 2.
3,500 words tomoe 3.
ALL UCHIHA can train Mangekyou at 10,000 words, 25k if missing 3rd tomoe. A NPC close to the player still must die.

The first tomoe requires an Uchiha to feel a need to protect someone, or they need a life-changing event.
The second tomoe requires mortal danger.
The third tomoe activates when Uchiha need to defeat someone special with a higher instinct stat.

Sharingan Abilities

Illusionary Genius
Uchiha get genjutsu as an extra specialty which can only use techniques up to B-rank and can't be traded. The specialty doesn't require Sharingan active. The reasons for this is simply reputation, Tsukuyomi, and not spec locking Uchiha.

Chakra Sight
All Sharingan levels are able to see chakra and give it color, able to distinguish them by composition or source. Additionally, chakra or obstructions can be seen through.

Ancestral Precognition
Uchiha precognition is represented by an additional +1 advantage to one's instinct stat per each tomoe they have for their Sharingan. At tomoe 3 Sharingan instinct can increase by +1 level too capping at elder.

Copy Jutsu
Each level of Sharingan gives different jutsu ranks that can be copied from others, and the Copy Jutsu itself is not a technique. The Sharingan copy ability is inconsistent in canon, and gives a 10% word count reduction on this site as no jutsu are free. Pure ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu can be copied but not combined specialties. Hiden clan jutsu can't be copied.

Tomoe 1 can copy up to D-rank.
Tomoe 2 C-rank
Tomoe 3 A-rank.

Genjutsu: Sharingan
The foundation genjutsu of Uchiha that is B-rank. It can cast any genjutsu trained by a member just by making eye contact with their Sharingan. It can dispel genjutsu for others, or visual genjutsu being used against the Uchiha up to B-rank strength. Genjutsu: Sharingan can be used at any tomoe level.

Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
S-rank canon technique that copies an opposing genjutsu to reflect it back to an opponent instantly, and runs off of the Uchiha's Sharingan to dispel the genjutsu. Tomoe 3 is required and the jutsu reflected is not copied permanently. It's able to dispel genjutsu up to the level an Uchiha's Sharingan can from Genjutsu: Sharingan.

Izanagi is S-rank and requires tomoe 3 to learn. When activated, the caster removes the boundaries between reality and illusion within their personal space. To a degree this allows the user to control their state of existence, but it is normally active for only the briefest of moments.

People cannot fight with Izanagi active. The time Izanagi lasts is chosen when it's activated, and a Sharingan will be blinded immediately after the technique ends, no matter how many posts Izanagi was active. Izanagi can only remove someone's existence from an area temporarily, and they'll still spawn back in the area once Izanagi has ended. IRL time, Goku time, and minutes do not translate to RP ever so follow below.

It lasts 1 post if not Senju/Uzumaki/Uchiha.
It lasts 1-2 posts if both "body" and "eye" are had, but neither are natural.
It lasts 1-5 posts if 1 of the pieces of DNA are naturally awakened.

Mangekyou Sharingan

ALL UCHIHA can train Mangekyou at 10,000 words, 25k if missing 3rd tomoe. A NPC close to the player still must die. Mangekyou is the next level of Sharingan past the tomoe, and requires gaining the other tomoe first usually. Clones cannot use Mangekyou techniques besides Wood Clones who can endure Susanoo only. Mangekyou without Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi have double the scrutiny. Normal Mangekyou requires a member to be traumatized by someone close to them being witnessed dying, whether the trauma is never taking friends or becoming revolutionary doesn't matter. The person has to be a PC or in other words playable character. People who die for Mangekyou are able to make a new character at the same rank and 5,000 free WC. Obviously don't follow around the Mangekyou user with the new character.

The Mangekyou Sharingan eventually leads to blindness. Using the Mangekyou Sharingan to perform jutsu can only be done 15 posts or on 15 "targets/uses" before going blind. Due to instinct, those that are near-blind at 10+ uses won't be bothered too much by staff members, but if they're relying on their near-blind eyes to fight they will be sanctioned.

Mangekyou Genjutsu: Sharingan
A-rank training. Only once Mangekyou is awakened are genjutsu not needed to be learned even if tomoe 3 is active, as long as eye contact is made with a Sharingan. Instead, the rank cost for jutsu is paid up to B-rank. Mind control is limited to Mangekyou and requires unconsciousness or defeat by normal genjutsu seamlessly. Only one target can be mind controlled at a time.

Any illusions can be done even with the simple 3rd tomoe, while bijuu control also becomes available upon eye contact. Sharingan-bound bijuu don't require the kuchiyose specialty and their contractors are permanent even after being freed. Contractors have priority summoning of a bijuu in order of them acquiring them even in death.

Tsukuyomi is a B-rank genjutsu that is still superior to Mangekyou Genjutsu: Sharingan, as it allows people to be made unconscious no matter what and traumatized while being the only genjutsu to alter time perception. Tsukuyomi requires charging after Mangekyou forms, and in-game people will always recognize it's a Sharingan.

Amaterasu and Blaze Release
Black flames are spawned from the eye at a point of eye contact being made and focused upon. B-rank due to the lack of power it's shown in canon. Blaze Release is not a separate Mangekyou ability on this site, but can increase the power of Amaterasu (even making it piercing in some cases). All Blaze Release are trained separately. Amaterasu is superior to normal Fire Release in that it already has a +1 elemental advantage, and can't get another one. It immediately fuses with Wind Release.

Amaterasu is useless against jinchuuriki who made bijuu submit as they're proficient enough with chakra to shed it at will. Used against the true flesh of bijuu it can force the jinchuuriki out though.

Susanoo creates a spectral god of destruction to protect the Mangekyou Sharingan wielder after S-rank training. Susanoo requires 2 eyes to learn and is the only "final" Mangekyou technique achieved automatically after learning the first foundational Mangekyou techniques. Susanoo doesn't require any specialties. Susanoo has it's stats scale up to the strongest stat the user is facing (not jutsu and only characters, but including stat boosted characters), and only to within the elder-rank. Susanoo's speed is a level below the scaled up stats. The levels of Susanoo are ribcage, skeletal, humanoid, and armored. Levels correspond to each 5 interval posts of blindness, and 20 posts being armored. Once armored is reached, Susanoo has a B-rank healing defense that replaces medical ninjutsu's and is similar to it. After fully learning Susanoo, members don't need eyes to use it if they originally awakened the Mangekyou (if members somehow end up blind), but members can't use it fatally injured due to depending on life-force. Susanoo can be trained with separate jutsu to create more weapons and use some jutsu with the right specialties. The Yata Mirror and Sword of Totsuka are S-rank additions to Susanoo only available to one Uchiha who will never receive implants. Fuinjutsu specialty is required. Yata Mirror will block any attack originating from a direction and Sword of Totsuka has B-rank piercing power. Anything pierced by Totsuka is sealed.

Eternal Mangekyou
Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan requires members fight a serious battle near-blind with Mangekyou Sharingan and being unable to use Mangekyou Sharingan afterward. Eternal Mangekyou requires implanting another set of non-blind Mangekyou Sharingan after going blind. Afterward, one of the pairs of eyes can no longer be used for gaining Eternal Mangekyou.

Uchiha created before January 2020 are eligible for free Eternal Mangekyou after RPing for a month with natural Mangekyou that wasn't trained. This goes to the first that gets it!

Perfect Susanoo
Perfect Susanoo requires Eternal Mangekyou or Six Paths chakra (gotten from possessing a personally-awakened Rinnegan normally) to activate initially, and is free to learn. Again, it can be used while blind unless members were given chakra ala Obito/Kakashi. It takes 3 posts to be created in battle (where it will then be created instantly), and must be noted clearly in someone's post that it's beginning to be created. The exception to Perfect Susanoo taking time to create is having Rinnegan or Six Paths Chakra, in which case it can be created as a defense instantly and grows to full size at elder-level stat speed.

Clones cannot use Perfect Susanoo. Perfect Susanoo has it's stats scale up to the strongest stat the user is facing (not jutsu and only characters, but including stat boosted characters), even at the juubi/bijuu level. Speed is a level below the scaled up stats. Six Paths chakra is required for a Perfect Susanoo to have flight.

Chakra Costs: Uchiha is a semi-limited clan, and the chakra costs for Mangekyou are higher than normal with all of them having an increased cost and upkeep of 20.

On the other hand, the simple tomoe have a far lower cost than normal with no activation cost and an upkeep of 5 stamina.

  • Uchiha wanting to use S-rank genjutsu need to take it as one of their normal 3 specialties, and they get no extra specialty.
  • Uchiha have 2 traits that set them apart from other implants. They can implant easily, but those not in their clan always have double chakra costs. Danzo's arm requires Shin's clan per Sarada's (Sasuke's daughter) mini-story. C-rank, requires Sharingan. B-rank, requires Sharingan. Can be used without eye contact but requires a suitable trigger or prerequisite each use such as seeing the crows. A-rank, requires Sharingan Tomoe 3 and Genjutsu: Sharingan.
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Uchiha Clan

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