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PostSubject: REFERRAL INVITE EVENT   REFERRAL INVITE EVENT Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:01 pm

Send out and get people to send invites on Discord for some fun RP!

Referrals Special Rewards

If you're an admin of a dead site or have enough authority on a current one you can also choose to send a newsletter! Newsletters are sent to the registered member emails on a forum. Additionally, you can edit the forum to make sure guests are redirected.

Did you bring someone who makes a character? You're eligible for what you want!

Special rewards too are for those that did the most unique advertising. Free reasonable wishes, and enough members can give the right to open your own village like Kumogakure. You do not need to do this but as per the label special rewards are applicable. Did you find multiple Naruto or anime sites with hundreds of members that are dead or accepting advertisements? Did you find a unique way(s) to advertise to large groups of people who are interested in Naruto or Naruto RP? For example, you can advertise on your OWN dead Discords or if admin. You can add an introduction to yourself or note who you are in the advertisements to ensure referrals notice you. Adding the note of who you are to many advertisements will be rewarded regardless.

Picture Only Post
[img][/img] Registration Roleplay Come and invite to our chat, tell everyone you know!

Staff manage multiple parts of the site but this is encouraged mainly for members to support the site! The staff team has their ad event as well.

Private message me (Robo Robo) advertising work done for points. You don't need to claim advertising work done as I won't but I assure other advertisers that they will get equal reward from doing so that they'd get from RPing. It's not unfair and members who advertised enough will be always be considered active for a time.

Advertising Guide

  • Advertising is done by posting the ads we have as a guest or making accounts on other sites. Each valid advertisement done gives a point.

  • Advertising is rewarded! Besides the regular point rewards if you get 10 people to make characters and be active you're bumped into the next tier. At 15 people your rewards are doubled.

  • Team don't be afraid to post anywhere, even dead sites, as long as they had a semblance of activity recently or a large memberbase. I don't mind seeing some duplicates but if blatantly copying others (which will also get our ads deleted) things simply won't count.

  • Captcha human verifications are normal nowadays. Don't add post descriptions or do other things that'll slow you down.

  • If they don't accept Forumotion, you can post in their link back.

Rewards List

These can be gifted to others if they're active and reserves will be noted on the roster.

Reward: Trade adverts each for 100 word count to go toward anything.
Price: 10 Advertisement Points

Reward: Village upgrade.
Price: 30 AP "Advertisement Points"

Reward: Free Kote Shinobi Gauntlet rest following OOC market guide.
Price: 45 AP

Reward: Custom group on Discord or rank on site.
Price: 45 AP

Reward: Right to have your own sub-forum created and have topics/properties stickied in it.
Price: 50 AP

Reward: Reserve a Limited slot past the site limit.
Price: 50 AP

Reward: Reserve a Best in the World slot.
Price: 60 AP

Reward: Custom group on Discord and rank on site.
Price: 80 AP

Reward: Reserve a bijuu slot, needs to be used within a month, Otsutsuki absorb for stamina.
Price: 85 AP

Reward: Reserve an Otsutsuki slot past the limit.
Price: 90 AP "Advertisement Points"
x2 available

Reward: Kage character. At the moment Kage spots are open so you can also become Kage through making missions OOC or other merit.
Price: 100 Advertisement Points
1x per member


Hello there come and tell everyone you know! We're coming to you with this Naruto RP ad because we want a growing and changing community. Our site is consistent and wants long or short stories of fun. We want the best fun from people who like to storytell, spar, do graphics, or just hang around for site activities! Registration
[center][url=]Site Link[/url]
[url=]Come and invite to our chat, tell everyone you know![/url][/center]
[*]Our site archives and adds many things for everyone to use. Anything you can imagine in Naruto RP for the past and future is open for all kinds of members.

[*]Share your interest with someone next to you! Build a Legacy with your Influence and before you know it you'll have been around awhile with interesting stories.

[*]Our site doesn't ignore canon or Boruto! We keep things simple in canon but will keep adding to the site.

[*]Simple drama-free fun. No excessive moderation involvement besides checking what you need.

[*]If you need any help, just ask! Bring along people on Discord if you want! Tell everyone you know!


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