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PostSubject: Karma (Boruto Spoiler)   Karma (Boruto Spoiler) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:47 pm
Name: Karma
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Elements: N/A
Specialties: N/A
Hand Seals: N/A

Karma is a unique limited that will evolve with new information in canon. Karma needs Rinnegan or Boruto's eye to know where it came from during the branding. With those, the potential users then witness a vision of targets being branded by the Otsutsuki they "killed".

2 people are allowed to start with Karma without needing to kill PC Otsutsuki. As Karma is currently it allows replication of some Otsutsuki abilities.

Firstly Karma gives absorption of mostly anything chakra-based in exchange for not having a unique Otsutsuki power. What's absorbed cannot be used infinitely and isn't enhanced like with Momoshiki's Rinnegan. Different Karma users will resonate and share the pool of what they've absorbed. What's absorbed can be released from the Karma user later. 2 Karma users can also use the Otsutsuki portal for transportation when they're faced with needing to counter space-time.

Karma alone enhances the users as well. For now it can elevate a technique to B-rank each post and gives a direct level increase to stats ONLY for "stat clashing" referring to player statistics.

Level 1: Controlled absorption and release of techniques is impossible at this level unless about to die. Karma takes S-rank stamina to use. No training needed.
Level 2: All current benefits of Boruto and Kawaki's Karma are unlocked. 5k words.

Jigen's Karma and Boruto's Dojutsu are not available until more details are released as they both will define the state of the plot for Karma.

Group or Character Tied?: Limited and Otsutsuki killers.
Requirements: Kill an Otsutsuki.
Deriving: N/A


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Karma (Boruto Spoiler)

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