Eight Gates

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PostSubject: Eight Gates   Eight Gates Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:49 pm
Name: Eight Gates
Rank: N/A
Range: Self
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Taijutsu
Hand Seals:

The Eight Gates directly replace stats if they're lower. They cannot be used to remove Genjutsu. Speed stat does not apply to hand seals.

Words and effects.
1k: Gate 1 speed + strength genin. Others achieve this by chakra control but can't learn it.
2k: Gate 2 heals the strain of the first gate while allowing it to continue.
3k: Gate 3 speed or strength chuunin. Learning this gate gives +2 levels past the cap to allocate to health or stamina.
4k: Gate 4 speed + strength chuunin
4k: Gate 5 speed or strength jounin (students are limited up to here)
4k: Gate 6 speed + strength jounin. Learning this gate gives +1 level past the cap to allocate to health or stamina.
4k: Gate 7 speed or strength elder
4k: Gate 8 speed + strength elder one bijuu. Ends after the topic or using a derived jutsu like Night Guy that makes the other stat bijuu.

Learning a gate requires a stat to be 1 level below what's affected except health. Without an equal health stat to a gate you'll be incapacitated after the topic and unable to use gates for topics equal to the difference in levels. Moving around is possible immediately if healed but gates remain unusable for the topics period. Incapacitation needs a full medical specialty user to heal it.

All gates being learned thus requires jounin speed and strength with 1 being elder.

Group or Character Tied?: Yes limited
Requirements: Taking this limited means your character is for the most part only talented in taijutsu. No matter what they can only use other specialties up to C-rank. The final gate requires 2 posts to enter it.

Requires only having a full taijutsu main specialty permanently.
Requires all other specialties to be at C-rank permanently.
Deriving: The wiki and your own jutsu.


Eight Gates DolUZhU
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Eight Gates

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