One's Own Life Reincarnation

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PostSubject: One's Own Life Reincarnation   One's Own Life Reincarnation Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:54 pm
Name: One's Own Life Reincarnation
Rank: S
Range: Contact
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Kugutsu, medic
Hand Seals: N/A

One's Own Life Reincarnation alone has no real difference to regular revival allowed with the specialty. It will heal all damage during the duration of a fight as long as a target's not oneshot. After the fight topic they need to use it to revive someone or they'll die anyway.

The special trait of this jutsu is that it's considered to be the jutsu Gaara's mom used to create "automatic defense" on Naruto Night. Automatic defense only retaliates for each attempt on the user's body. Stats are at B-rank and even difficult for jounin to deal with.

The automatic defense bestowal only works on jutsu already had and requires someone to willingly sacrifice their life. The medium needs to constantly be on the person to soak chakra, it's like edo with somewhat infinite chakra, and auto defense is free but the person can't be revived. Controlling the medium separately will not give B-rank stats. It is the simple "auto defense/attack" allowed on the site. Even for 48 hour hits if the defense isn't dealt with properly then being hit is retconned to be on an absolute Substitution.

10k training and if bestowing the defense needs to be digestible writing.

Group or Character Tied?: Yes limited
Requires full kugutsu specialty.
Requires full medical ninjutsu specialty.
Deriving: N/A


One's Own Life Reincarnation DolUZhU
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One's Own Life Reincarnation

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