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PostSubject: Kotoamatsukami   Kotoamatsukami Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:55 pm
Name: Kotoamatsukami
Rank: S
Range: Within their eyesight.
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Genjutsu
Hand Seals: N/A

Base Level: 5k words can only use it a single time.
Uchiha Level: The original user can't use this. 10k words can be used once a calendar OOC month.

On here Kotoamatsukami is considered the strongest Genjutsu as it allows complete autohitting and mind control. As noted in the rules no canon technique has reduced power as presented. Kotoamatsukami overwrites all canon mind or body control like Edo Tensei's, but it doesn't grant immunity to subsequent mind control like Kabuto wanted.

The "complete" mind control is more clear here than in canon. Overall a target cannot be put into direct danger. To be more specific this jutsu is more aligned with Shisui's nature in canon. Only one command can be issued per use and it can't be general or vague like making a slave. A wholehearted command is issued that must benefit the target somehow. In the case of Shisui's potential use the Uchiha leader is logically convinced he'd be saving himself or his clan. In the case of Mifune he's not pursuing greedy political gain. In Danzo's potential use against Obito it'd be simply useless as it only works on one person, but Obito would have reason to act against Sasuke. In Itachi's case he was obviously willing, and if the "protect Konoha" command was used on Sasuke he eventually came to do just that.

Stopping this technique once used is impossible and it will affect any sentient life. Kotoamatsukami will instantly modify a target absolutely and permanently even if they're informed. Eye contact is not required, and similar to Tsukuyomi the effect by nature bypasses any form of genjutsu defense. Bijuu cannot awaken a jinchuuriki. Pain will not dispel and there is no active chakra connection. In rare inactive cases, a PC can even be RP'd by the controller if they have no limiteds perhaps.

This technique needs to be used in OOC times. Uchiha who use it can train it to be used each month. Non-Uchiha who use it can only use it a single time without Senju cells. With Senju cells it's a case-by-case basis for when consecutive uses are allowed. If a non-Uchiha uses it and then the eye's implanted elsewhere it's still useless without Senju cells.

Users can only affect one target at a time each even if they have both eyes.

Group or Character Tied?: Yes limited
Requirements: This jutsu is born similar to Kamui. In the first place it's not awakened without sufficient character to match the Uchiha magic going into the eyes. These eyes are also the symbol of self-sacrifice and tragedy. The awakener will attempt to use the jutsu for a great cause, but whether they succeed or not they're dying immediately after use or when they're robbed of even 1 eye. Each intended use has failed in canon and Hiruzen was Hokage for a reason so expect skepticism if trying to gain absolute advantage. Full genjutsu specialty is required.
Deriving: N/A


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