Dead Demon Consuming Seal

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PostSubject: Dead Demon Consuming Seal   Dead Demon Consuming Seal Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:56 pm
Name: Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Rank: S
Range: Contact, 10 meters
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Hand Seals: Snake → Boar → Ram → Rabbit → Dog → Rat → Bird → Horse → Snake → Clap Hands

Contact: 10k words training.
Ranged: 5k words training after contact.

This technique and Human Path function the same. Any Elder-level stat can resist it as long as close range is kept. Whoever escapes the range as the aggressor is the victor. The defensive one doesn't really get any prize besides living though. The difference to Human Path is this technique bypasses all obstacles and once connected doesn't need to fully complete. Additionally, all techniques are unusable by both parties while connected and both parties are immobile in the case of the contact version. Reaper loves yummy arms and takes arms instead of the target's full soul when the decision's made.

This technique can be used with clones but requires the main body to use it within 2 posts. 2 actions can be taken after sealing is complete and before death comes. Bijuu are literally sealed into the person if they choose, and they become a jinchuuriki (even full Kurama, which Minato simply couldn't seal into baby Naruto at the time) albeit temporarily alive.

Only Dead Demon Consuming Seal users know about the masks and have no reason to share the information. Those that are negatively afflicted require a staff-judged journey searching for solutions or else they will eventually rot even with just having lost arms.

Group or Character Tied?: Yes limited
Requires full fuinjutsu specialty.
Requires full ninjutsu specialty.
Requires learner to be Uzumaki or marry one.
Deriving: N/A


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Dead Demon Consuming Seal

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