Null Man

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PostSubject: Null Man   Null Man Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:56 pm
Name: Null Man
Rank: N/A
Range: Self
Elements: Water Release
Specialties: Sensory
Hand Seals: N/A

This limited is for Mu's identity. Hiding with Camo combines with Chakra Suppression as an exception for Dustless Bewildering Cover and all other techniques are still suppressed. Weak chakra sight like Sharingan cannot see through it. Contact or natural A-rank non-chakra sensing is required to detect the user.

Fission Technique is the only technique usable with Dustless Bewildering Cover and improves it. It's considered the ultimate Body Replacement. One of the parts is COMPLETELY undetectable if desired, but unable to do anything except remain out of battle and being still. Once per topic this technique can be used to survive all damage undetected and become incapacitated without healing done. The survival requires splitting. Once a fission half dies the other can regain their peak strength after a period of time. Fissions or "splits" cannot use techniques above B.

Group or Character Tied?: Yes limited
Requirements: Requires full sensory specialty. Hiding in Camo can be learned without ninjutsu. Chakra Suppression and Hiding in Camo are both A-rank. Fission Technique is A-rank.
Deriving: N/A


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Null Man

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