Shinobi-Ware/Human Puppets

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PostSubject: Shinobi-Ware/Human Puppets   Shinobi-Ware/Human Puppets Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2019 7:58 pm
Name: Human Puppets
Rank: S
Range: Self
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Kugutsu, medical ninjutsu.
Hand Seals: N/A

Human Puppets usually require PC corpses and training equivalent to the PC's rank like jutsu. Only 1 NPC corpse can be used to make a Human Puppet that works and takes the same training as PC. Human Puppets then retain all their jutsu that don't clone or have other biological/intellectual constraints like dojutsu and healing. Jutsu used are all at the C-rank level, but can be increased to B-rank if the puppeteer has B-rank chakra. All jutsu used require your own stamina to be used.

Replacing your own body fully with a puppet one is also covered by this limited at 5,000 words. Replacement treats your health stat as the puppet purchased. Physical stamina but not chakra reserves becomes scaled as higher than everyone else's. Cores have original health stat. Turning yourself into a puppet forgoes many biological needs and gives agelessness. Genjutsu still work through the artificial senses.

Kawaki and Delta are the only limited Shinobi-Ware. Kawaki's version pretty much gives Jugo's body manipulation besides healing. Creating a Kawaki takes 5,000 words each, and Delta army takes 10,000.

Group or Character Tied?: Yes limited
Requirements: Full kugutsu and medical ninjutsu specialties. Only need B-rank kugutsu/robotics and full medical ninjutsu for Shinobi-Ware.
Deriving: N/A


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Shinobi-Ware/Human Puppets

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