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Clan Name: Sakon Ukon
Ability Names: Attack of the Twin Demons
Ability Descriptions: Clan members are born with a twin and the ability to inhabit the bodies of others through breaking themselves down. Twins are able to heal at a C-rank rate while fused together. Twins can release their fused body parts inexplicably not linked together, or simply hide in their twin and free from the influence of some enemy techniques if they desire. Advantages are easily usable by them as basically all techniques are collaboration and multi-attacks. Most users keep one twin partially outside them at all times as it gives extra reach and vision on all sides to deal with ambushes.

Both are shared full characters. Stamina pools and even techniques are shared at all times. When separated members can choose to not have one of their twins learn techniques but they're able to acquire them mid-topic.

Body things like clones equally clone and don't have an extra cost. Twins can perform techniques for each other and can share their senses while fused. Fusion can be done through clothes as shown in canon but not ranked items unless permitted. Bodies are not infinite hammer spaces but can "store" some items without fuinjutsu. The speed of fusion can be done through chakra or speed interchangeably.

Chakra Costs: N/A instead of extra stamina they have shared pool.
Requirements: Not abusing and staff not seeing a dozen.

Combination Transformation is free and does not count toward jutsu totals if the users can learn B-rank ninjutsu. The twin's KKG version free to them is considered a superior version as users can be damaged, separated, and still keep the illusion. Combination Transformation takes no stamina when used by twins. Additionally, if a twin knows barrier ninjutsu they can block outer sensing (such as Neji's Byakugan) from seeing through the Transformation.

Parasite Demon Demolition Technique - S-rank but able to learn and use as A-rank with cursed seal.

Nails or skin on the hand turn claw-like for the jutsu so defenses can be pierced through. Regardless once any contact is made with a weaker or no defense the twin can fuse even through clothes. Twin health becomes the target's and they share all damage. At all times during this technique the user must have their head out of the body, but they can move it around along with their other parts. The head will still share damage. After 2 posts of corroding the victim's body dies with the trace left up to the bloodline user. For corroding the death isn't shared. There is no visible progression and the 2 post start time is decided by the user if wanting to make the technique harmless. There is no controlling of the target's body during the technique's duration.


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Sakon Ukon

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