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PostSubject: Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP   Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP Icon_minitimeSat Nov 23, 2019 3:41 pm
Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP 5qtyay9
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Clan Name: Seixun
Appearance: Varies, often dark or black hair.
History: Originating long ago, the Seixun stems from a mutation along the Rinha bloodline. A clan centered around healing and control of chakra to close and seal wounds, the Seixun clan was spawned by prodigies that could easily preform the arts without the need for hand seals. Hundreds of years later, their healing properties have evolved, spawning stranger and stranger strains. It is said that a female is born only once every few generations, than is both blessed and cursed with a fertile womb. Her rate of pregnancy rises to a 99.99 percent, but with the oddest of effects to come with. Any DNA that enters her body during this period, directly effects her offspring, granting them skills and abilities far greater than their mother. But these were just myths. The Seixun are known to be rare to find, as most travel under a different name, but most, if not all, find their lives centered around helping others.
Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP AsoLGFt
Fertile Womb : All female members of the clan who are able to bear children have the chance to obtain the rare clan Kekkei Genkai, Fertile Womb. The internal organs are reinforced and modified in their own unique manner, allowing them to carry and birth children with much more ease. Pregnancies are only several months long, however require a much stranger approach. The mother must obtain ten samples of fluid for the child to be born without health concerns. This can be done with the same man, or with several. Mixing various strands of DNA via fluid can, and has resulted in some offspring having one, or several bloodline traits outside of the Seixun Clan. However, those that seem to carry other bloodline traits, only remain a carrier to the Seixun gene, and most often is passed onto their next of kin, than themselves.
Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP LXUCtja
Universal Receiver: highly susceptible to outside influences, the Seixun clan is the perfect receiver for other types of organs and DNA. Their genetic makeup allows them to easily accept organ transplants, as well as adopt other genetic codes to their own. A member of the Seixun clan will only need to consume a pound of flesh, or a pint of blood to absorb another bloodline trait. However, if the trait they are trying to adopt is contained in a single organ (such as an Uchiha's eyes for a sharingan) they must undergo surgery to receive the transplant. They are only able to receive five transplants without issue, before their own Seixun gene begins to grow dormant, forcing them to rely on chance for their future transplants. The only way for them to recover this trait, is to receive a transplant from another Seixun clan member by consumption, or surgery.
Chakra Costs:
Requirements: User can only be born into the clan. It is impossible to transplant DNA from this clan, as it is unclear as to what the bloodline trait can be found within. Clan members are always born from a different clan, in addition to this one.
Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP RCEYDOw
Fertile Fist : This is the art of both opening and closing chakra passages. Unlike it's similarly named cousin, Gentle Fist, it is not meant to be used in a combat situation, but rather a more still and calm environment. Fertile Fist is the act of applying the correct amount of pressure, be it firm, or soft to various points around the body to increase chakra flow, most often to allow one's person to be more fertile, or more healthy.
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PostSubject: Re: Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP   Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP Icon_minitimeSun Nov 24, 2019 9:12 pm
Just as a note before going further that this clan falls under the abilities of the below limited.

If wanting to exhibit weaker traits of bloodlines the clan would need to manually register each trait upon training or acquiring.


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Seixun Clan (Fertile Fist) WIP

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