Remembering Ones Past (Tomoe 1)

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Haru made her way through a forested area of the Land of Fire; but this particular area was known to have several ruins mixed in with it's forested landscapes. Random pieces of stone and steel; some with carvings of a language that no village knew on them. She came here for peace sometimes, and to let herself know that the past would always be something she could leave behind. However, these days it seemed she was letting it disturb her to no end; like a ball and chain on her. She wondered at times, why she became a ninja. Was it some need to be worth something; or feel worth something? She was pretty sure that at first, she had been laughed at by her family for wanting to be one. Her two brothers, father and mother had all but made it seem like a pipe dream. The joke ended up being on them; as she rose to become not only a strong; but well known and reliable ninja throughout not only Konoha, but a few other villages as well for better or for worse.

Why then, did it feel like she was lacking something; on the inside. Crossing her arms as she walked up to the edge of a stone pillar jutting out of the ground in a small clearing; she would balance herself with one foot, not uncrossing her arms for balance's sake; showing her comfort and belief in her own poise. Her jet black hair blew in a breeze once; as her dark eyes were both shown briefly. When the wind ceased; her hair fell over one eye as usual.

It dawned on her; that she had people to protect, things to see people to protect. She couldn't let herself be drowned by her own sorrows as she'd been doing recently. Drinking non-stop with no sign of stopping in sight. Hell, she couldn't even use her own Sharingan anymore. What a disgrace. She looked back on that moment at the dinner table; when she showed her family what she'd accomplished. Their surprised faces all around her; and she, looking focused as hell for a 10 year old with her eye color now bright red; with a tomoe lingering in the iris. She recalled how proud she'd been, and now, she was an esteemed Elder of the village; but she couldn't even access the power of her own damned ancestors. She wondered if they looked down on her with pity, or disappointment. Maybe some mixture of both.

"Hmph...." she said actually aloud and let her hands fall at her side. It was time to do something about it. At this exact moment, she felt like she could...and SHOULD regain her former might. It wouldn't take her long, her mind and body still remembered the actions. She just needed to have the discipline to see it through to the end.

With a nod to herself; she would raise two fingers at a near unseeable speed and have them in the formation for Shadow Clone Jutsu as it went off as soon as her fingers touched one another; four clones of herself would appear in bursts of person sized smoke. They would appear before her, in different standing positions as of now.
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"So what'd you call us here for?"

"No alcohol this time....."

A couple of her clones made a few snarky statements but in her own dull tone. It was weird hearing your voice sometimes, but through the years of usage of this jutsu; she'd gotten used to it. She would flick her sword out with a motion that would barely be seen as her clones would look at one another; confused for a moment.

"No we're going to be training today." when she said this, one of the clones scoffed. As she gave it a look that said she was serious. "Really...well it's about time!" the clone said as all four of them would unsheath their blades simultaneously creating a loud sound in the air that could be akin to something being shined or a bird's sharp chirp.

With a smile; she would wait for one of them to begin by taking a relaxed stance to her side. Within moments, one of them made it's move. Her clone got to her in less than a second; even at ten feet or so away with a sideways slash it tried to decapitate her. Perfect, her clones remembered that she trained in lethal combat, even with only herself. She thought all of this while doing a back lean that would show her flexability as she practically limbo'd under the slash. Keeping her own rotation from her limbo going; she went into a back handflip; with her target now behind her she planted a solid kick right onto the back of it's head. With a single twirl the clone went flying into a nearby tree; and exploded into smoke.

The other three clones looked on nervously after one of them had been defeated so easily. Flipping back onto her feet properly with only one hand she would whirl her sword with her other and infuse herself with lightning chakra using Lightning Body as she literally would flash forward with a sound like lightning, leaving bolts of it trailing behind her. Her clones would respond as they both did the same thing. All three of them surrounded her as a literal blinding battle would rumble across the landscape; trees and dust flew all around as they moved through the ruin infested forest at speeds hard to see. The sound of their clashing swords and lightning flowed through the land; literally.

From Haru's point of view a clone came from her left, as another came from her right. Turning off her lightning body; as she turned upside down with a simple 'Release' hand sign, she would be in the perfect position as their blades would clash with one another in a large clanging like noise. Doing an upside down split kick; the force of the kick would send them both flying back to the ground diagonally as she would flip right side up; landing against the final clone as the other two exploded into smoke behind her.

"Hopefully you put up a better fight." she said as she would whirl her blade and point it at the last clone, who turned it's own lightning body off with a 'Release' sign. Whirling it's blade the clone would sheath it. As Haru would raise an eyebrow. Silently, she did the same with a wind breaking whoosh of her own blade it was sheathed. Her clone was challenging her to a Taijutsu match. How fun. A rare grin would creep upon the face of the Konoha elder as she and her clone both entered a fighting stance at the same time.

When no one moved, they both waited for a gust of wind to go by as they both reached each other in what seemed like no time.

Their two forearms clashed first, as the clone went for a close uppercut. Leaning to the side; she would grab it's arm and go for a flipping toss on it. When she threw the clone over her body however, it locked it's legs around her head and flipped her instead through the air. Sent flying; she would look around while flipping through the air and manage to land on a tree while flying backwards. Both her feet planted on the tree, she would leap off of it in a moment as her clone came crashing into the tree with a flying kick; leaving a huge dent in it.

Having missed; it was vulnerable as Haru whirled once after she'd jumped off the tree and delivered a sideways axe style kick to the clone who managed to block it but was sent flying downward. As it landed on the ground; still solid; Haru came running down the tree itself vertically. Within a split second she reached her clone and leapt forward at it. The clone went for an elbow style uppercut but this was it's undoing Haru would literally step on it's elbow and step off of it spinning mid-air and kicking it right in the back of it's head as the clone exploded.

Looking back she wondered how she'd done that move at the last moment; but now, she could feel it. The world looked different. From an outside view, Haru would be shown with her Sharingan re-awakened. One tomoe sitting over her eye as her eye color had changed to a light red.

"That's right...I have people to protect...who rely on my strength...I can't drink something like that away....not even if I tried." with newfound resolve awakened within herself, she would ball up a fist and look at it. Shaking her head at her own recent iniquity as she would put her hands in the pockets of her long purple overcoat with the Uchiha symbol shown on the back of it as she began to walk away into the distance of the ruins once more. With a simple blink, her eyes returned to normal as she gave another small smile to herself, and only herself heading back toward the direction of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
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Remembering Ones Past (Tomoe 1)

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