Genjutsu: Sharingan [Training]

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On such a rainy fall day in Konoha, Haru merely sat in the Elder's Chambers. Overlooking the entire village, where the Hokage often held meetings. Sitting alone, she listened to the rain for a moment or two. She was outside of her armor this time, and just sat indian style sipping on some tea. She wanted to visit her family today; but her duties would be coming first since a training session with the genin was scheduled as well.

Groaning to herself, as the thought of her mother's cooking passed over her like a rain cloud. One she wanted to eat. She supposed she could hit the streets of the village and find something super nice if she really wanted. After all, she had some money now.

She wondered when and if she would be able too do such a thing; hang with family like she was normal again. Smiling upon more simple times...before the loss of one of her brother's. Before she became a village Elder; she wondered, could times like those ever come back around. As soon as this thought crossed her mind fully, she noticed it stopped raining. Slow drips and pitter pats of rain were heard as the blue skies began to break through the clouds; not fully just yet but well on it's way quickly here in the Land of Fire.

The village bustled to life loudly as the rain began to cease; even kids voices could be heard. A knock on the Elder's chambers woke her from her gaze out of the window into the village. Throwing on her purple overcoat with the uchiha symbol on the back; she would merely say "Come in." with that, she would be greeted by a Jonin with a bow. He seemed younger than her by a few years; but not much. Maybe 21 or so.

"Ma'm, the weather is clearing up; so your genin training is back on if you'll have it today..if not I can have it moved to another day." he said, not as nervous as the last Jonin who popped up in her doorway. With a finger to her face she thought on this for awhile. The option of playing hookie; even at this age. With a sly grin; she decided to see what the next generation of ninjas in the village were shaping up to be.

"No, no, the training can be today in light of the weather clearing up for us." she would see just how well the kids had prepared their mind. With that, the Jonin would give her a bow and a crisp salute. She merely nodded in response with her arms closed. He would leave the training details and with a look over; she smiled. This particular group of genin was supposedly talented enough to begin taking on missions according to their team captain. But that captain in question wanted them to meet one of the Elders first hand to see just how powerful ninja they could encounter in the world could possibly be. A smart captain indeed. She decided to have some fun and go out the window.

Opening it; she put one leg up on it and sprung out of it with one swift movement. The entire village panned out behind her as the Legendary Stone Faces of the Hokage would be seen behind her, a rainbow literally over it from the rain itself.
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Moving from rooftop to rooftop, she would make her way toward the Training Grounds with each hop. Every roof was different; some had clothing on it, some even had ninja on patrol who she would wave at as she moved by; either that or some kind of salute. The liveliness of her village never failed to impress her, no matter how many times she saw it.

She would look back on the stone faces, and wonder to herself. If she could ever become the first Uchiha, she wasn't worthy of such responsibility....was she? Well, the village had become like a family to her since losing the brother closest to her; she would do anything to protect the mother, father, and single brother she had left....and they lived here as well.

Her thoughts were cut short as she reached the final rooftop before the forested area the training grounds were in. Hopping from the rooftop, a few people looked over their shoulders; but ninja were common in this town so no one really batted an eye. The Uchiha woman would move with her arms crossed, through a pathway marked by wooden stumps; showing the way to the training grounds. She remembered all those years ago when she'd come here for the first time, with her own 3 man squad. Team 1. Shaking her head at the visual ghosts she saw of herself, and those two idiot boys. She couldn't help but to show a rare smile.

Approaching the training grounds now; she could see a Jonin, maybe around 24; a girl with long pink hair. Her vest clear as day. Three kids, one with blue hair and two with darker hair. One of the kids was an Uchiha; she could tell from here. As she approached, the kids seemed to get excited and snapped to attention nervously.

"At ease, Genin." she said with a matter of fact tone, intentionally trying to scare the kids before introducing herself. "So, captain Hibana of Team 3. You've called me here why again?" she said, looking her eye to eye as they both were around the same height. Haru's long black hair hung back over her purple Uchiha overcoat as she would make eye contact with the kids one by one. The blue haired one looked determined and nervous, the black haired youth looked serious, and the Uchiha looked angry. Good.

"Well, they're about to start going on actual missions. They need to be prepared for what they could possibly face out there....I figured what better way than to have you come down and scare em straight." she said with a small grin of her own. Haru liked this captain of Team 3. With a nod toward her, Haru would take the fore with her hands behind her back. Stepping up to them. Silent at first as she overlooked them, she would then speak. "What is most important, the mission...or your comrades?" as the three of them looked at one another, the blue haired boy would answer.

"Your comrades, because when you run out of pieces on the board. The game is over." as he said this Haru's eyebrows went up in surprise at such an answer.

"Yes, very good. However, if an ally sacrifices themselves; or runs off to distract the enemy so that the mission can be completed....should you not take the opportunity they've given you? Especially...if their life is on the line." when she said the last part; the kids got visibly nervous. Even the Uchiha brat with the angry look. They were just kids after all. "However."

Haru would then move her hands into the 'Shadow Clone Jutsu' formation as two clones of her would appear in five foot bursts of smoke on either side of her.

"Together, you will be strong...and you have nothing to worry about. It's your opponents who need to worry." three voices said at once as her clones literally said the exact same thing she did. Performing the clone technique again while they weren't looking she would step backward through the clone as she would tell the Genin to "Always play to your strengths; and make sure to always cover your weaknesses. Your opponent is going to go for what? Your weak"

Leaving it off for them to pick it up, it was the Uchiha kid who spoke.

"Make sure you have an ace in the hole you can spring when they go for that weak spot...right?" as he said this, Haru had a bit of clan pride swell up but didn't let it show. "Yes very good." she said with a small smile toward him, but she was only met with a shocked look as he looked away.

"Now, I want you all to come at me with all you've got. The first one to land a hit gets taken out to a special lunch by your captain." their captain would protest this behind them, but Haru gave her a 'let it slide' look semi playfully and she merely shrugged it off. The second she took her eyes off the kids however, the serious dark haired one; the girl had whipped out a pair of shuriken and thown it at Haru. Impressive decision making.

Two of her clones would throw kunai that actually hit the shuriken's mid air, causing them all to stick into the ground. While the real her performed the 'Shadow Shuriken Jutsu' and actually using 'Transformation' to turn into one of the Shurikens. One of her clones would throw her as a giant shuriken.

The blue haired one would hop in the way and start performing hand seals but before he could finish, the shuriken spinning at him would burst into smoke as Haru would fly out and knee him in the chest, landing on him playfully and not really applying pressure with her knee as she knelt on him. "You see.....everything is not as it seems."

The kids were floored by this display of jutsu and literally just stood there; as the captain of team 3 looked impressed beyond measure as she sweatdropped comically a little. "Up." she said, getting off of him and extending a hand. He grabbed it as he was pulled to his feet.

" need to keep your teammates safe.....nothing is real except the bond you three carry with you outside of the village remember that. NOTHING, is real, except the bond you share with your fellow Leaf ninja. Trust no one but each's a deceptive world out there, and people lie all the time for no reason." she would have a hand on his shoulder as she said this.

Before turning to the captain of Team 3; she would leave her with the statement. "Protect the've got a hell of a group there." with that, she would use 'Body Flicker' and literally vanish from where she was standing, the kids left in awe a bit. As Haru was already back on the rooftops i the village hopping from building to building with a single hop and footplant each.
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Genjutsu: Sharingan [Training]

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