Liar Liar [Coercion Sharingan Training]

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Haru was "chilling" as a lot of the kids called it today as she walked around with a group of Jonin she'd known for awhile now around the village. Today was a day when she was supposed to meet with one of her past teammates from Team 1. Waka was his name, and his was as powerful a ninja as she was; although he'd left the village properly some time ago. He was still a Leaf ninja, a proud one at that. Although his external affairs definitely exceeded his internal ones. Long story short, Waka was a party animal and loved to have a good time; even when fighting. This made him a powerful opponent and an even more powerful ally.

The group of Jonin she was with were also friends of hers since childhood; although they all went their separate ways here and there, they were all nearly family at this point. Haru herself being promoted to the status of village Elder was something they wouldn't leave her alone about, it was ironic because she didn't talk much; and if she did it usually wasn't good or made people laugh.

"So how long has it been since you've seen Waka, Haru?" a female Jonin with silver hair said.
"Probably about ten thousand years or something...." a taller Jonin with a large weapon on his back stated plainly.
"Four years....damn that is a long time." Haru added plainly as they walked toward the area they were supposed to meet Waka in. As she saw him, she took him in. The signature dark hair that nearly matched hers. He had his head shaved on the sides. He had bright blue eyes almost unnaturally so. He was like a brother to her, and much more. Not to mention the last member.....however, she couldn't even believe it was him. He would see her and get a cat puppy dog face just for fun and open his arms to her for a hug.

Rolling her eyes Haru would walk up to him with her arms crossed looking up at him. "If you actually think I'm hugging're crazy." she smiled back at him though as eventually she gave in to his arms since he wouldn't close them. Stepping sideways once within hugging range and bracing for the hug that did come. When he finally put her down her arms were still crossed as she only said "Satisfied?" to him with a small amount of blush on her face.

"Sure am, it's good to run into a know it all every now and then you know?" as he said this she cut her eyes at him sharply and used a random genjutsu by opening her Sharingan with one eye comically which spooked him into no existence. It was brief, but it scared the hell out of him. Mission accomplished. "I swear......if you start with that damn thing!!! Our lunch plans will be canceled!" Waka was a skilled ninja in his own right, especially with Summoning jutsu.

At the mention of lunch, Haru would feel better just having him around. He was always so hungry and eager to travel. Trying new foods. Haru loved to travel as well, but now it seemed she was about to actually be in charge of some things in the future. One could only hope; she wanted to reunite Team 1 and join Waka in his travels but convincing Kasumi would be....nearly impossible. She was, well impossible to say the least.

In about an hour or two after hitting different shops, and Haru repeatedly telling him she only at cakes and deserts but not candy, he'd peppered her into nearly throwing a kunai at him. So now she wanted to mess with him. While they sat at the ramen shop, Haru would sit relaxed at the table while Waka went on and on about his training. Deciding to put him to the test; Haru eventually said. "Why don't you put your ramen where your mouth is, and show me just how strong you've become?" she looked at him with a sly grin as he literally made a face like he couldn't believe she asked that and then downed his ramen in one crazy matter of moments.

Finding an alleyway in the city to fight in that was away from the general public they began to spar after Waka took a stance. In her mind, she saw him as a kid with black hair, blue eyes, and his Leaf headband. She smiled wondering what he saw on the other side. He locked eyes with her in a big mistake as her Sharingan was already active within a matter of moments. He would charge her as he saw her eye color change; but Haru would sidestep as he pulled a blade from a literal ninja scroll in a flash of letters. He would then do a series of swipes and slashes with the curved sword that were insanely fast. However, the image of Haru he was hitting didn't move as the blade just seemed to pass through her time and time again. Several more Haru's appeared as they would on all sides stand around him with their Sharingan glowing and arms crossed. A gigantic Sharingan would then appear on the entire environment as Waka began to panic. Calming down however, he would realize what was going on and smile, calming himself.

Although he didn't break the genjutsu, Haru released it anyways turning her Sharingan off.

"Took you long enough." she playfully winked at him with a smile.

"Hey I had to play along right?" he said putting a finger in his ear and smugly closing his eyes while cleaning it with the finger. "WHAT, you did not know that was a genjutsu the entire time!" as she said this he would merely give her a 'the world may never know' look as Haru just got irritated with an eyebrow twitching. "Next time we spar for real just so I can knock you sideways...." she said as she stepped off mumbling something to herself but smiling a little afterward.

She would then fill Waka in on everything she knew about the village and it's state as of right now; since he never really came here anymore, after he caught up to her storming off briskly that was. However, she knew he would follow, after all they'd been through so much together. She would have followed him on his travels if she hadn't been consumed by her desires at the time. Perhaps Kasumi would still be around as well, but at least he was here now.
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Liar Liar [Coercion Sharingan Training]

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