Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission]

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PostSubject: Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission]   Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission] Icon_minitimeFri Nov 29, 2019 7:20 am
Name: Infiltration
Rank: B
Location: Hidden Leaf Village

Enemies: Due to the mystery element involved, this is left up to the roleplayer and group for both creativity and the sake of fun. The shinobi will be highly skilled however, as they did manage to sneak into the Hidden Leaf alone and apparently unassisted.

Rewards: 150,000 ryo
People Preferred: Leaf ninja only. Groups allowed, but everyone still must complete the total word count.
Requester: The Leaf Council of Elders
Setting Description: A ninja from another village or a rogue shinobi element altogether has actually managed to sneak into the Village. He or she appears to be gathering intel, because after taking out a group of jonin, this ninja continued to stay and repeat their attacks. They seems to be very witty, and difficult to track down. They could be an expert in the use of some form of transformation jutsu.

The weather has been great in the village lately, so it's very busy out and about town even though everyone in the village knows about this mystery foreigner, and to keep an eye out for them; they seem very elusive for some odd reason. Track them down, and capture them above all else if possible. But if it comes down to you or innocent Leaf lives being in danger; eliminate them as quickly as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission]   Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission] Icon_minitimeFri Nov 29, 2019 7:16 pm


Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission] DolUZhU
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Infiltration [Leaf Chuunin Mission]

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