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For someone like Koharu, a tourist trap such as the Dew Dew Carnival was the last place she would end up in during her free time. And there she was, blue cotton candy in one hand and soda in the other, and surprisingly she didn't reek cigarettes, proving herself wrong. She usually didn't enjoy being in festive activities. Being in a more remote environment has always been preferred by the blonde young woman, however, it was a nice change of pace. She wasn't moping away about herself nor was she smoking heavily as she would. This was nice. Very nice.

Koharu's eyes darted around the area as she took in what was going on around her. She took a big bite of her cotton candy and took a quick drink of her soda. Tourists and natives alike had came together to relieve their stress and live their lives through the joyous events that the carnival had to offer. Games weren't so much her type; they seemed a little too basic for people to enjoy so much or get excited for. She would never understand the things so simple could bring so much happiness.

That is, until...

"Step right up, step right up, ladies, gentleman, all people!"

A voice boomed in the air where Koharu was. She turned her head to where the voice yelled from and just a few feet away from her, she saw a small crowd gathered around a small booth. Curious on what was going on, the young woman took another bite of her cotton candy and approached the crowd. There, she was able to get a clearer view and sound of what was going on and why these people surrounded the booth like a mob.

"Be the one of the first to hit all twenty balloons in under a minute blindfolded!" The owner of the booth belted. "Many have tried, but only a small percentage were able to succeed! If you win, not only will you get a very special medal, but you'll also win a gigantic teddy bear!" He then stepped aside and showcased a pile of giant teddy bears that were followed by sounds of astonishment and interest. "Now, who wants to be the first courageous person of the hour to take on this deadly task?!" The owner yelled with energy.

The small crowded cheered in excitement as they dispersed into a neat line, Koharu included. It wasn't necessarily the prize she was interested in, but she wanted to see how well she could rely on other aspects of her senses besides sight. She'd be amazed with herself if she got all twenty balloons, but realistically speaking she'd knew she do bad.

But what she was more curious about was how well other people were doing in front of her and how well other people behind her would do. That, and what the spectators were doing.
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It was beyond him why he decided to come here out of all places. He wasn’t much for Carnivals. Though, his former sensei had stated that it would be good for him to take a break. Yori had overexerted himself these last few weeks. His body wasn’t getting adequate sleep that one would need to recover successfully. A change of scenery was a plus. The amount of people here didn’t sit right with him. He knew that he needed to rest, but he maintained alertness that seemed almost unnatural. The paranoia was getting to him. Yori finally admitted to himself that he needed to chill out. Everyone wasn’t out to get him or attack him. His experiences hadn’t done him much justice concerning his mental stability.

Yori searched for things that might catch his interest, but didn’t find anything or anyone to toy with. The reality that he couldn’t find anything that could catch his attention was disappointing. At the very least, he was able to find decent food. He had consumed two candied apples and was currently working on a footlong pork sandwich. Yori made sure that he was careful to not drop any grease or food on his kimono. One of the last things that he wanted to do was end up having to spend half the day deep cleaning it. There seem to already be two attempts from other bystanders that almost spilled things on him or vomit. Two close calls that were beyond his willing level of comfort. Just thinking about made his ears twitch in annoyance.

The chuunin continued to walk around the carnival. A large booming voice had caught his attention. It was like a beckoning call to his soul. An excuse to be able to show off his talents? Why not? The feeling he would have would bring him joy to feed into his arrogance. Being able to accomplish something most people couldn’t. He didn’t want to jump straight in line. The wise thing to do would be to wait and watch. These carnivals always did have a “catch” to their games. Being blindfolded seemed to be the catch. This would have been more adept for shinobi than the casual civilians. The prize didn't interest him. His eyes were set on being able to walk away with his head held high in self satisfaction. Yori carefully eyed the individuals in front of him as he carefully observed where each balloon was set. Each person that went up didn’t seem to amaze him at all. Though, there was one young woman that stood out. She was able to get all of the balloons in what radiated as perfection. Yori relieved a low chuckle from his throat before he would step up for his turn.

“Well, it seems that I can’t let this young lady’s exemplary performance followed by trash. I, Yori, will take on this task to show my true powers”

The overconfident shinobi concentrated on his targets. Yori would then release his breath before dispersing the targets one after the other. The balloons pop created a certain level of satisfaction within him. He didn’t expect this to be intriguing. It would have made a good training exercise for younger genin. There didn’t seem to be any real trick outside of the time limit. Though, it was nothing that serious. Yori would collect his medal and stuff teddy bear. The teddy bear wasn’t something he actually cared for. He was thinking that he would just give it away. Maybe for a price.

Yori walked over to the woman who participated in the event before him and decided to make an attempt at a conversation. Maybe she could provide the entertainment that he was looking for. There were some thoughts that were leading him to just spend his time alone, but he wouldn’t mind having a once in awhile conversation.

“Hello. I see that we both have earned prizes. I’m Yori Nakajima. How has your time here been? I find that this place could use more variety.”
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Redo Undo [Invite]

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