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PostSubject: Custom Justu   Custom Justu Icon_minitimeTue Dec 03, 2019 3:25 am
Name:Fire Release: Fire Shot
Rank: A
Range: Long
Elements: Fire
Specialties: Ninjustu
Hand Seals: No hand seals but ine post of uninterrupted chakra channeling while moving the hands at elder speeds.
Description: Fire Release: Flame Shot is one of Christians foremost damaging techniques. This technique focuses Christian's fire chakra in pulses over his arm, the flames flickering down along his arm and coating it completely. The heat of the flames coupled with the speed of Christian's movement causes screams as he rotates his hands until around elder speeds whereupon it starts to roar from the massive friction, culminating in an attack upon the enemy by Haku thrusting his hands forward and sending a large blast of flames toward the enemy which will incinerate anything in its parh.

Group or Character Tied?: Hakuyune
Requirements: Lighting Release Armor or some for of Elder speed

Name: Wind Release Armor
Rank: A
Range: Varies
Elements: Wind
Specialties: Ninjustu full and Taijustu full
Hand Seals: N/A
Description:The user allows a layer of wind-based chakra to cover their entire body which acts as a shield, visibly seen as a swirling white glow that surrounds the user. The swirling wind armor is capable of quickly evaporating any water or fluid based attacks under S-Rank, nullifying lightning-based attacks and to some degree, given that the user gives enough amount of chakra for this technique. It also boosts the user's speed to elder levels matching the lightning release armor.

it works by coating the user in a thin veil of wind chakra to manipulate the air friction around the user to allow them increased movement potential. It can be used mid air/even to fly somewhat. By extension, if skilled enough, the user can perform most other wind based techniques from this armor without need of handseals. When actualized by Uematsu Tomi, it is said few if any are able to match him completely. Its weakness lies in the fact it makes the user more vulnerable to fire jutsu, though by the same nature, immune to most lightning techniques.

The same rules apply too learn and perfect this as the Lightning Release armor
Group or Character Tied?: Hakuyune Signature

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Justu   Custom Justu Icon_minitimeTue Dec 03, 2019 2:08 pm
Need hand seals and to go by character speed. LRA can't use ranged jutsu in the topics it's used.

Level and rank increases are only given to limiteds. Otherwise, everyone would make them. Different elemental LRAs aren't allowed. uwu


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Custom Justu

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