Inugami Clan

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Clan Name: Inugami
Appearance: Inugami family members are by far some of the easiest to identify in Sunagakure, typically showing an obscene amount of skin; usually in an effort to reduce the amount of clothing torn upon shapeshifting - though many believe that it’s simply a tact to display the family’s naturally buff and/or athletic physique which, truth be told, it’s likely a little of both. Family members often wear black eyeliner, occasionally Egyptian in appearance, and are usually full of boundless energy.

History: While relatively small in size until the formation of Sunagakure, the Inugami family is likely the largest family in the village to date. Because they were prone to losing control of their kekkei genaki, the Inugami were relentlessly hunted to near extinction by the Wind Daimyō and his subordinates. Through natural evolution, the Inugami clan's kekkei genkai eventually became more tame in nature, eliminating the loss-of-control factor that played a primary role in establishing the clan's reputation as mindless-monsters.

Following the creation of Sunagakure, the Inugami family were formally invited to join the village under the condition that all current and future members unable to control their kekkei genkai would be killed.
Ability Names:Tsacanthropy
Ability Descriptions:
Call it an affliction, call it a gift; Tsacanthropy is the kekkei genkai of the Inugami family that allows one to shapeshift into a Jackal, or a therianthropic hybrid jackal-like creature; often referred to as a Werejackal - extremely similar to a Werewolf (Lycanthropy). In their Tscanthrope form, Inugami family members often have an enhanced sense of smell and hearing, similar to the Inuzuka Clan of Konohagakure, to the point where they are even able to hear the telltale sound of a nearby beating heart.

Those few who master their Tsacanthrope forms are able to shapeshift into what is often referred to as an Alpha-Tscanthrope. Bigger, stronger and faster, Alpha-Tscanthropes can be as big as an elephant, and nearly twice as powerful as a regular Tscanthrope.

Inugami family members are also known to possess exceptionally dangerous skills in Genjutsu. Within their Tscanthrope form, the hair on an Inugami's back is able to innately convert surrounding air particles into an incredibly spooky thin, purple haze. While the mist itself is far too thin to really hinder vision, it can be used as a trigger for Genjutsu techniques, affecting victims unlucky enough to be caught up in it. Inugami family Genjutsu techniques often follow a recurring theme of graveyards, spirits/yōkai, skeletons/mummies and the living dead.
Chakra Costs: None; due too Clans unable to gain buffs the change is purely cinematic.
Requirements: Born into clan

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Buffs like level and rank increases aren't possible for clans.


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Inugami Clan

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