Into the Shadows [Team 1 Mission]

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Haru stood at the checkpoint with her squad. Here in the Land of Iron. It was snowy, to say the least. The four of them would all likely be covered in snowflakes as Haru stood, heating herself with her own fire release from the inside as she let her chakra warm her. Currently, they were at a snowy; military looking gate made of heavy steel folds that stretched out in both directions into a wall extending as far as the eye could see.

White dots that were actual samurai flecked the top of the wall here and there, moving about. In front of Team 1 were five such samurai. Covered in white plate mail, with black face plates and two glowing red dots for eyes each; probably some sort of technology. Their armor had black padding underneath the white plates; similar to her own armors design. Both were from the ancient warring states period after all.

"Team 1 huh...tracking some rogue shinobi from your village?" his voice sounded like it was coming through some kind of megaphone. As she looked back up into his robotic like armored eyes, she would nod in response.

"Mhm, they've stolen something of great importance from their own village....we're here to get it back." as she said this, he would look at the paperwork before him again and then look up at the three boys behind her seemingly checking things over once more.

"Welcome to the Land of Iron, Uchiha Haru." he would say as he snapped to attention and bowed to her. The samurai behind him, likely his subordinates did the same as Haru would grin at his professionalism and then bow herself slightly. Nodding to the three genin behind her, she would rest one elbow on her sword as she walked.

No sooner did they enter the land of Iron, did people begin to stare at them a little bit. Not everyone; but must. The shinobi world and the samurai world had always remained separate. Except on one occasion. That was when Mifune; the past Shogun of the Land of Iron. Decided to assist the shinobi world in the Fourth Shinobi War. Usually however, the Land of Iron was used as a meeting place for the villages; since it belonged to no one country and could be considered neutral ground.

Shinobi and Samurai literally stayed out of one anothers way, so as she approached a large town and bricked road and houses began to take the place of snow all around her; although they were still snow covered, she hoped that they could find these two rogue shinobi without causing a lot of; if any trouble here.

Approaching some kind of restaurant and lodge; she would lead the boys inside. When an attractive girl hostess from the land of iron approached them and asked them how she could help; Haru would say she would like a barbecue pit style table for four. With that, they would be led toward one such table blocked off by a partition with cherry blossoms on it design wise. Pulling it back, the fire pit had a large grill overtop of the actuall flame perfect for grilling. Four pillows to sit on, four bowls of rice with soy sauce and chopsticks ready.

It was an amazing place with oriental style lamps on the wall providing a nice glow to the environment.

" 12 piece tray of sushi, a freshly grilled salmon, and fresh lemons on the side for well as whatever the house soup is." she said with a small nod as the waiter approached and bowed; asking for their orders. Once everyone was done, she would turn to her students when the waiter left and they had some privacy.

"So...." she would say closing her eyes and lowering her head a little. "The two leaf shinobi we've tracked here...likely don't know that we're on to them...or so close to them rather. I'd like to hear some ideas on how we could track them down....of course, we could increase our numbers with my shadow clones; by the hundreds....but that only increases our chances of being seen....these are Leaf Jonin after all....they will be carrying a large item with them, so they might not be too hard to spot....any ideas?" she would look around, letting her eyes settle on Machi for a moment who was an excellent planner. Castus who was good at execution, and then Tora who likely was good at both but was too air headed to realize it.

"Well, don't all speak at once. I want a plan before our food arrives or you're all in big trouble." she grinned as he picked up her rice bowl and began plucking it away with chopsticks.

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Kazetora had been following behind Haru, his black irises scanning the area as they walked.  Whilst his eyes might not be able to awaken the Sharingan as of yet, it did not stop him from being on his guard.  When they had arrived at the boarder for the land of iron.  He had heard of the Samurai of this land before, had heard of how strong they were in hand to hand combat or more likely how skilled they were with the blade.  Kazetora had wanted to come to the land one day to learn from them, but that was not why they were here on this day.

No, today they were hunting down some thieves who had once belonged to the village and had been Jounin for the village.  They were jackasses of the highest caliber as far as Kazetora was concerned.  Taking them down would be fun, especially with some of the Jutsu he had learned since the last time he had sparred with Haru-sensei.  It was bad enough that they had decided to abandon the village, but they also stole something of importance to the village as well.  They were traitors and jackasses, and Kazetora could not wait to get his hands on them.

His blood was boiling, but he handed over his identification to the border guards when it was required of him and even bowed in respect when the guards did to the group.  He admired the more ancient looking buildings of the land, and was happy that he was on this mission despite how dangerous it was.  Kazetora continued to follow Haru when she had entered a restaurant and had gotten a table for the four of them, sitting on one of the pillows he looked at a menu and contemplated his order.

It did not take long before he had decided what he would like, turning to face the waiter he said “I’ll have a 12 strip tray of the cow beef, a side of rice, green well as a tray of eight strips of the venison.” Though his eyes caught on the sweet dessert section of the menu, his parents raised him to eat real food for dinner and not just the junk that his sweet tooth craved quite often.  He then placed the menu down and listened to Haru as she further explained the mission after reminding them of what they were doing in the land first.

Kazetora took a few moments more to think, he had a short time limit since most of the cooking would be done at their small table.  “Well, if we have something with their scent on it then Castus and Kuroi here could use their ability to track them, that would give us some help...another thing we could do is use Shadow Clones that are transformed into random townsfolk to ask around as best they can, but that option could lead to us being found by our targets...However...if being caught is not an issue…

Then what we could do is simply make as many Shadow Clones as we can and let them search for the targets, a wide blanket search of the country, covering as much ground as possible.  Though that has the other issue of potentially leaving us without any energy left to fight when the time comes...
” Kazetora was not the best at tactical thinking, in fact as soon as he finished speaking he realized that the Sensei or even Machi likely already thought of all his ideas and had ruled them out.  However, he also had to give his tactical opinion of what to do...

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Travelling was always fun and with the new mission in mind Castus and Kuroi had woken up late and were preparing inside there home for the most part at the moment; Castus was not used too the cold weather so after about a hour off looking through his own clothes he decided too grab a fur jacket from his fathers room and head out too meet the team and head out.

They meet at the gates of the village of konohagakure and traveled for some time; they were on the trail of the shinobi so Castus would not talk much as they moved instead the young boy and his ninken would be smelling for any scents that were present not only in the village near where the theft had taken but ones that lasted as they moved it did not take long too find their smell it was lucky for Castus that he had chosen too remember the scent if need be he could track the pair for his team.

After a couple of days the group finally hit snowfall; the entire trip from here on out was a shivering mess at least that was how Castus felt as he clutched his fathers jacket and moved near the back of the group; once a large wall came into view Castus would take a moment too look over the grand wall and all of the samurai stationed along it, before long would take notice of the group that had been waiting for them near the entrance and after a rather formal greeting the team all would hand over there identifications.

With everything in order to group moved through the gate and into the town. They were all simply following Haru but Castus would be watching the villagers and making notes of things as he passed by the brick buildings he would not the alleyways and any place that seemed like a good place too start looking for there targets. There scent was heavy and he knew the general direction that they had too be in due too the smell being fresh despite the fresh slew of snow falling on too the ground.

After walking for a short time the group would enter a place too eat and their sensei would ask for a table Kuroi and Castus would look around and take in the scenery of the rather nice place they were in before sitting down and listening too Haru order then Kazetora as the other two were still looking over the menu.

"I'll take some apples, strawberrys, bannas, and maybe some milk and a side of pork if you have some with the bone that would be great"

Castus would reach over and pet Kuroi as the troupe began talking he would listen and luckily he had already been tracking the pairs scents so after Kazetora would speak Castus would straighten in his seat and look out the window for a moment as he began talking.

"I have been tracking the scent since we left the village and by now i think i am sure that the scent i am following is them; i don't think using clones would be a good idea instead it would be best too try and find the person in this town who knows mostly everyone maybe a village elder or samurai leader; they could help us understand the terrain a little bit more just incase we need too attempt too cut them off."

Castus was sure that he could track the two but he wanted too make sure they knew everything they needed in order too make sure that they could be sure and cut the rouge ninja off he would give and mental note too Kuroi who would walk off without a sound and out the door.


Once outside Kuroi would take deep smell and look around everyone here was not used too seeing a nukenin but he had a way too make sure that no one noticed his leaf symbol upon his collar. Focusing for a moment Kuroi would use the beast human clone technique however he would not change into a perfect copy of Castus instead he would change into a female version which simply looked like a little girl walkking down the streets for now he would head out and follow the scent for as long as he could without getting too close and once he found out the general direction and area the two were in he would head back and report too castus so he could fill the team in. As Kuroi walked he would feel slight hunger and think back that the team was most likely eating but Castus ordering meat meant that he was already packing a meal for Kuroi when he got back. As kuroi walked further through the village he would try and take note of a few things just incase the two were attempting too hide mainly how people from around this area dressed and looked; they were pale and hardy people strength-ed from the cold and harsh enviroment that they lived in.

Word Count: 827
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His first mission, the day he he counted up to. A full team of fresh yet promising of genin of the leaf village, accompanied with their wise leader, were tasked with apprehending a group of rogue shinobi who defected from the home village with sensitive information. The task blew Machi's first guess of what their first mission might have been right out of the water. He'd be lying if he told anyone that he was up to the task for the mission. But would a meek person like Machi do so in person? Deny the team his help and leave them to carry out the mission by themselves. Never, as cautious as he was, he would never do such a thing. His first practice fight wth his team was proof of that, it is as they say in the leaf. All leaves fall together.

As the team finally arrived in the heavy snow covered lands, Machi was already chilled to the bone. His body taking longer than others to full acclimate to the harsh weather. A bit tough for him given his slim figure, it lacked any form of insulation. His clothes were supposed to help, but Machi felt they were nothing but ornaments. Machi's hands dug deep into his pockets, as if he was shoveling for warmth. His attire consisted of a white long sleeved shirt covered with a navy blue long sleeved jacket. His pants were dark grey, the ends tucked into a pair of tough black boots. His tool pouch was of a different model, more wider than the previous one. It was placed center on his belt behind him. Along with his grey scarf he wore along his neck, he of course wore his signature navy blue hat. The hat took place of his shinobi head band, the small metal engraved plaque was attached to the front of the hat. His attire basic as It may be, reflected machi's persona. Not too loud, not the center of attention, just normal. Traits any shinobi assassin knew all too well two uphold. The targets of  the mission probably knew too, for these were not any shinobi, they were leaf jounin.

Machi was quite calm at the gates, despite his not wanting to participate in this possible assassination mission. Machi wasn't dumb. What else what a village do with high powered shinobi tat escaped, shinobi that not only hold sensitive information and secrets about  the leaf village's inner workings, but also hold the village's reputation. If too many shinobi started to defect from the village, it would leave a stain, a marred image that would influence others to take advantage. Machi learned a bit of how things like this worked in the academy, the broken glass theory. Machi took note of the armored guards, their whole attire was foreign to him. Soon after, the genin followed the team as they all passed through the great iron gates. The wall did seem to stretch for miles unending.

Machi, walking with his team, notices how different the people were compared to his home village. Their culture grabbed his attention immediately, without delay. It was all new to him, even the smell of the food was different. Eventually the team found a place to eat, while also finding time to come up with a plan on how to capture the rogues, the Jounin rogues. "I'll have some green team please, that will all that you", he order not only because he wasn't too familiar with the ways of this country, but also because he didn't have that much money to spare.

The group, came up with some neat ideas, but Machi had his own. No way were these Jounin were push overs if they made it this far up the map, the iron country was easy away which meant either they planned this ahead of time, or..., he speaks after castes. "I..., well like Castus said, we need some more Information. We don't even know when the group of shinobi even left the village, and we were given this mission. I've been looking around here, and all this is just... too different. If the rogues are here then they can't be push overs. They probably already immerse themselves to look like the average person around here. We're shinobi, right? that's the first thing I'd do if I made a run for it and knew I had somebody on my tail. And thats even if they are in this location. With that in mind..., maybe we should..., give them an, opportunity?", he said, looking no one in the eye. His suggestion was only that, a suggestion. If they were here, the team would need to turn this around into their favor. Machi looks at the Kuroi, thinking that if the Jounin were nearby, this was a chance they could not screw up.
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As they ordered, she would note their orders as their personalities showed through what they would ask for. Sitting around she would note that Kuroi, the canine member of Team 1 would be missing. Looking over at Castus, she would smile a little as she knew that he likely already had the dog on patrol somewhere. He did have the scent after all.

The scene would show them bouncing ideas around the table as Haru would merely stay silent while they issued our their plans or ideas. When they were finished, Haru would stay silent and not say anything just nodding with a slight 'Mhm...' adding mystery to what she was about to say.

"Well...first things first." she said as the food would arrive. She had heard footsteps approaching and timed her statement with the moment two waiters would arrive with their food steaming on trays. Well, in Machi's case with tea steaming. As they set up the table for them, passing out the goods; Haru would blush a little at the seafood that landed right in front of her. Teaching them to focus on the task at hand, even when dining; she wouldn't say a word. This could possibly be an assassination they were taking part in. Even for Genin; this was a lot to take in. Potentially having to take out two people was a lot to ask for kids their age after all.

"Well...that was amazing. I'll have to write about the food in the Land of Iron someday...." however, she wasn't here on a food tour. She would fold her chopsticks together and lay them down. "Why not a combination of all of your ideas." she would talk to them about the plan she'd already concocted. "We'll discuss it outside. Never know who's listening here after all."


Switching over to two individuals who would be sitting in a house; they would have a large urn on the table that was made completely of stone. One of them, a female with long blonde hair would lean on her hand. Staring at it. Another would be inspecting it, as he would be apparently taking notes of some kind. The notebook he was writing in seemed to be some kind of study on sealing jutsu.

"I can't believe we actually got away with this.....we're about to be rich." the female shinobi said with a sparkle in her eye at the thought. Eventually she would stand up and walk up behind the guy shinobi with red hair. They were the leaf betrayers, they however were wearing attire from the Land of Iron; and just looked like a regular couple. Having moved here fully when they left Konoha so as to sell the illusion of being a pair of traveling lovers. Even going so far as buying a house to maintain their cover.


Back at the restaurant; Team 1 would be exiting. Nodding over to a clothing shop; Haru would take them there next. Entering, they drew a little attention since they looked like foreigners, but no one stared too hard at them. Since Haru wearing armor signaled she was either one of the Samurai or involved with them; even though her armor was a different color it was similar in style.

"Pick out something...we'll be using the Transformation Technique, so keep that in mind." as she did so, she thought about her own disguise. With a small smile she would pick out a kimono that wrapped tightly around her figure complete with a scarf and gloves to go with the winter weather. A pair of stylish boots and a large female style overcoat with fur around the neck.

Once everyone had made their purchases; and changed, she would lead them outside to an alleyway. When they were alone in the snow filled alley; she would hold up two fingers and with a 'Transform' she would in a puff of smoke, be a different looking woman. She would have long silver hair, and bright green eyes a soft pink like gloss on her lips. Her eyes also had geisha style make up on them slightly around the edges to further sell the illusion of being from here. Once everyone had transformed, she would give everyone a moment to take in their disguised teammates new forms so no mistakes would be made when out in the field. Eventually she would talk again. Adjusting her new coat as she did so.

"The plan is to gather as much information as possible as quickly as possible; then rendezvous. I personally am going to be creating about one hundred Shadow Clones; they'll spread out and ask about moving into town, and ask if anyone has moved here recently under the illusion of 'asking about how living here is', simple yet very deceptive." she would look upon the three of them and put a finger to her chin in thought. "You three will tail, kuroi and act like normal kids out playing with your dog in the snow....when truly you'll be following his lead. He already has the scent...and as close as we are to them, finding them might prove easier for him..even given the weather. I noticed that he wasn't waiting for us right outside, you already have him on patrol out tracking them don't you Castus?" she would say cutting her eyes at him. Impressed. "I'll have one of my shadow clones tail close behind you guys from rooftops and crowds, if there's trouble. Engage the enemy but stay together, they could easily kill any one of you if you were by yourselves. I'm confident in your abilities, but these are jonin we're dealing with."

Afterward, she would step back and perform the 'Shadow Clone' handsign as instantly like a drumbeat puffs of smoke began to go off all around her. Seemingly going on forever, until the alleyway was packed with nearly one hundred of her; some of them hopped off immediately as others filed out of the alleyway pulling fur hoods over their heads as they did so and spreading out.

With a nod, Haru herself would walk past Team 1. Stopping at the end of the alleyway to give them one final thought. "Work as a team, do not argue with one another if possible...this is an assessment as well. I won't always be there to back you guys up." with that she would disappear into the crowds. Leaving the three of them alone. The shadow clone would be on a rooftop out of their view, but watching them nonetheless.

Haru herself had something else she was going to set in motion.
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Kazetora made sure to eat his food in a manner that looked like he was truly enjoying the food, though he was, he was also keeping his eyes peeled on the area around them as best as he could. He had noticed that Kuroi had not come inside the building, and had came to the same conclusion that the Sensei likely had as well that Castus had sent the dog to do some scouting around the area. Though being that this was not the village hidden in the leaves, it would appear strange for a group of people to have a Dog sit at the table of a restaurant with them.

After they had left the restaurant, Haru decided they needed a change of clothes, likely to make it easier on their transformation techniques as usually the transformation technique replicated clothing too in its illusion. Kazetora picked out a simple tracksuit that was gray in color with some black piping around it. It was a more common look from what he could see as they walked the town, though most older people tended to go for the more formal look that Haru had picked out. As for the footwear he had picked out a pair of black sneaker design shoes that he felt went well with it. Overall, this outfit was designed to be relatively easy to move around in should he need to fight or move quickly.

Kazetora then followed Haru to the alley where she used her transformation technique to become a rather beautiful woman. Kazetora decided he would go a slightly different route. Holding the handsigns for the Transformation technique, he would quietly say the word before being covered in a puff of smoke. Once the smoke had cleared he looked completely different from how he had before.

Kazetora was now standing about three inches shorter, his skin color had gone from a slight tan to a more pale color and his hair...well, his hair was completely gone. His black eyes lightened considerably to a nice pale blue. His nose became a bit crooked and a set of bags appeared under his eyes as if he had not slept in a day or two. He then adjusted his voice a bit, physically modulating it to be a bit deeper than it normally was. Once he was done fine tuning his voice he pulled on the clothes that he had bought, specifically to fit a man of his new size.

Kazetora then looked around the group, trying to commit each of their new appearances to his memory, hoping that they would not accidentally attack one another in the heat of battle. Kazetora listened to the Sensei as she explained the next part of the plan, he nodded quietly as he listened. Once she had finished, the young Uchiha placed his hands in the front pockets of his track jacket and began to walk in the direction of the dog.

Kazetora had ignored the fact there were now over a hundred of his Sensei as she had said she was going to use her Shadow Clone Jutsu to cover a vast amount of territory as well as to keep a watch over her students. Kazetora decided that he would hang back a bit from the group, to make it look like he was a bit lazy or just not part of the duo and the dog. To complete the look that he was going for he placed a sour look on his face, sort of as if he were someone not to be trifled with.

Kazetora wondered if the other two would go for similar looks as to him or if he was just going to stand out compared to them. Whilst that would normally be counter-intuitive, sometimes standing out as much as he could at this point in some cases could be a benefit, as it would be less suspicious; and at the end of the day being less suspicious was what the young Uchiha was going for in this instance.

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Once the food arrived Castus would take a few bites from his fruit it was great but he would not focus too much on the meal as a whole instead he would be mentally preparing himself; recounting what he knew about his allies and what would be the best way too approach battle once they got into the thick of it. Castus was more direct and he would have too stick too what be knew best. After a small amount of time. The team would stand and exit the restaurant, they would be lead by Haru too a clothing section and each of them would choose a costume too go along with the transformation technique. Castus would think for a moment before grabbing a fur coat and jeans and a white shirt. He would then walk toward the alley way with the group and hold his hands in the ram as he did the transformation technique and altered his body too look the same size but different in alot of ways. His hair would be blond and his skin would hold a pale color too it that was common for these parts; he went with the same size clothes simply due too not wanting too have clothes too big for him when he changed back too his normal self.

After the plan was made Castus would simply nod his head and make a mental note of what the other two were changing into after Haru left. Once everyone was ready the three would be lead by scent too follow Kuroi's movements through the area.

Kuroi had bee walking for some time but eventually he made his way toward the other side of the village and this area would open up a bit more the snow on the ground would be littered with tracks as children ran around playing in the residential area. Kuroi would look as though he was taking it all in but it was simply a play, instead he was following the scent still and would lock his eyes on a house where the scent was the strongest. The enemy had too be in their or at least been there recently either way the trail stopped here and Kuroi would scan the area. Moving around the houses too try and get a better look at how they could get in if need be and maybe which areas they could set a trap for the two. Kuroi would recognize a scent as he moved and watch as a women he didn't recognise passed by him but from smell alone he knew it was Haru Uchiha little did he know it was a clone. He figured it would be best not too approach her so instead he began making his way bacm toward Castus and the others he would step into a alley and poof back into his normal dog form as he began running back toward the group.

Before long Castus and the two would come into view and Kuroi's tail would begin too wag happily. He had found the targets and Castus would know from their connection.

Not long after the genin started walking did Kuroi come into view and once he did Castus would look over toward the other two and would speak too them if they were close enough too hear him.

"Seems kuroi has found something, we should walk in attack formation defensive in the back supplementary in the front and offensive in the middle. I think it should be Machi in front, me in the middle and Kazetora as the most versatile he should go in the back as he has the skill too defend and attack"

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Machi nods towards his sensei, his eyes still not meeting any other. He started to wonder if the sensei was still testing us, letting us go off on our own while she scouts by herself, along with her clones. An impressive feat he might add, to be able to summon hundreds upon hundreds of real clones. He wishes her luck on her own tasks, while also wishing his others the same. He felt as if his stomach was filled with something, his feet couldn't stay still. Was he this nervous? He sips more of his tea, allowing the warmth of it to trickle down into his uneasy stomach. Perhaps that would help him, the jackets were not. However, his clothes would be different by the time he would rejoin the team. His instruction dictating that he must change his appearance an act like a child from this country, playing with Castus' dog. Going off his separate way, after finishing his tea, he comes back dressed in his new attire.

Machi is now seen wearing a long black coat, his signature hat replaced with a black snow cap. His other articles of clothing matched what others wore around the setting, with a base color of grey. He was now seen huddled together with the rest of the team. Machi, stood by and listened to Castus talk. His fingers in both his pockets started to fidget with each other. All seemed great till he heard the plan entirely. "Wait.. me? In front?", his voice ripe with worry. He didn't want to be in front sole cause he figured he would be more likely to be the one to suffer the most injury due to his skills not up to par. He looks over towards Castus, "You sure you don't want to go in front, Castus? I'll be right behind you, I promise..." he pleads with his friend to change the line up. Nevertheless, Machi meekness would get the better of him if Castus remained adamant in his plans.

((Small post..., srrys))
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Haru moved through the snow covered town with her fur hood pulled close to her neck as she looked here and there. A few people nodded to her, as people here seemed not to aggressive or stand offish now that she wasn't dressed to the nines as a ninja. It seemed that old habits died hard here; as shinobi and samurai had a long history of not really trusting or interacting with one another.

With a very 'female sephiroth' look about her, her silver hair trailed down behind her as the Transformation technique she'd used was to the T after years of practice. Putting a hand on her chin, she wondered where she would begin as she got an idea. It was time to drink! Finding a bar that seemed busier than most; she would enter as she drew a few eyes due to her busty look even through her furred long coat. She would sit at the bar and nod to the bartender who came over to her after a little while.

"What can I get you miss...first time here?" as he said this she would nod.

"Yeah, every bar is gonna see me at least once." as she said this with a small grin the bartender laughed. Haru enjoyed the hell out of a good drink. When she ordered a dark drink, she would sip it and make a face as if to say 'strong' but she downed it and ordered another. This attracted attention as a guy got brave and left his group of friends.

"Hi miss, don't mean to be rude but, I think you're SO attractive. My name is Jin."[/color] actually impressed with his manners and confidence, Haru would shift in her chair so she was facing him and say. "Hakuyo." a lie, but close enough to her real name that if felt natural. The two would engage in mild conversation, a few laughs here and there. This went on for about thirty minutes, as her clones were constantly sending her new information by disappearing. Various leads here and there but nothing concrete. No ACTUAL leads yet. However, one of the shadow clones who had seen her group disappeared as her mind was filled with information about them getting closer to a specific house. With pride, she would smile randomly as the fellow she was talking to let off a "what?" as she would reply.

"Oh nothing, just remembered some good news I'd forgotten." she would then give a toast, to the guy and whisper something in his ear that made him blush and his eyes go wide. Stammering to himself, she would say goodbye as she'd officially taken the mans soul figuratively of course. His friends would laugh in the background as he looked smitten as she left.

"Well...." stepping out into the snow with a warmth about her thanks to the drinks. "Seemed I didn't need to ask many questions before the boys found a lead." following the trail her clone had left in her thoughts. She would eventually spot the boys up ahead. Deciding to stalk them and not give away the fact that she was tailing them she would watch their actions from far enough to remain out of sight with a little help from the snow here and there.

Knowing their individual gifts, she actually thought that they were on the level of chuunins. Outnumbering their targets, she didn't think there was an immediate lethal threat. They were skilled enough to block all but the most masterful kunai and shuriken throws; not to mention their sessions with her often were filled with high level jutsu. So she knew her students would be just fine at first at least; if the jonin got serious? Well then she'd just have to step in wouldn't she.
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Into the Shadows [Team 1 Mission]

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