Into the Shadows [Team 1 Mission]

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With everything resolved, the team's Sensei ever so powerful, the mission was done. The urn was still intact which proved that the team can not only handle its own, but also knows how to follow directions. Machi was then seen leaving with the rest of the group.

While traveling with his team, Machi felt a little uneasy. The fate of the traitors were just in the eyes of others, but Machi never did like death. But what if the two traitors really did die? Taking a life that was given by another, he couldn't help but think about the families back home. What were they going through, knowing that their own off spring grew up into traitors? He tried not to let it sink in too much, what was done was done. However, what he did know, was that sooner or later he will be asked to do such a thing. He looks down at his hand, it remained calm, until he tensed it into a fist. 'Can I take a life?', he wondered.
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Into the Shadows [Team 1 Mission]

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