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PostSubject: Oniki   Oniki Icon_minitimeFri Dec 06, 2019 6:38 pm
Name: Oniki
Appearance: Oniki is a 5 foot and 1 half cane made of dark black metal; the top of the cane as well as the bottom have wolf maws intricately placed too allow perfect balance and made of pure platinum with two diamond placed in the open mouths of the wolfs. Moving down along the cane detailed artwork is displayed on every inch it looked at closely it depicts the entire history of the Inuzuka clan with names of all the former clan heads found somewhere along the crane. In the direct center is four gold holes which allow for teeth placement as well as another diamond which acts as a button, once pressed the cane separates being held together by a chakra enforced chain which ranges half a foot on each side; it leaves 2 feet on each side of the converta-cane as well as a few extra inches thanks too the wolves
History:Oniki a cane which has been passed down through Castus Inuzuka's family and finally has been given too him. It was a weapon used by the first clan leader and after his passing was passed down and updated after the passing of each new clan head. The weapon is usually used as a cane and symbol in konoha showcasing a future or current Inuzuka clan head. This weapon is usually used as a staff and when converted users tend too place it in there mouths so they can still utilize the four leg technique.
Group or Character Tied?: Inuzuka Clan
Health: S-Rank
Name: Pill Ejecter
Rank: D
Range: 1 foot
Elements: N\A
Specialties: Weapon justu
Hand Seals: user must clench the teeth holes
Description: On Oniki is a place where the user can place there mouth over the button on the weapon upon clenching his jaw a pill can shoot into the users mouth if one is loaded prior; which must be bought inside the market like chakra and blood pills ect

Group or Character Tied?: Inuzuka Clan
Requirements: Oniki

Name: Quick Expand
Rank: S
Range: 25 feet
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Weapon Justu
Hand Seals: Specific chakra biting for two specific effects
Description: The true ability of Oniki is stretching it extends upon the user either clenching the single side of the grip or both with their canine like teeth. Upon extending both sides of Oniki the cane expands at each side by 25 feet at Elder speeds, however should the user extend only a single side they can extend for up too 50 feet at Elder speeds.

Group or Character Tied?: Inuzuka Clan
Requirements: Oniki
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PostSubject: Re: Oniki   Oniki Icon_minitimeFri Dec 06, 2019 6:53 pm

This dude wants to cane people. Love it. Approved.


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