Red Light [Vosk]

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Koharu wanted to kill herself badly after accepting this job.

There she was, wearing a traditional floral pattered kimono (a requirement as uniform for employees to wear) with a golden fan in her right hand. The tea shop she was in was packed with customers, most with their orders given to them, so it gave her just a few seconds of free time. She leaned against the counter by a corner and lazily fanned herself while she watched the customers talk and drink away. There was some regret in her choice of accepting the job as a waitress since, after all, socializing wasn't her best strength.

But alas, Koharu needed to get by if she wasn't going on missions. It reminded her when she began doing odd jobs once she left her parents, except she wasn't as grumpy or subtly hostile compared to today's times. It was also a plus for her to improve her social skills, even if it meant going through awkward phases and silences. At the same time, it felt weird working in a tea shop.

She was considered to be the most durable shinobi in not only Kirigakure, but in the entire world. She'd even expect herself to do something more... active, but Koharu didn't really enjoy the idea of getting herself into action ever single moment. And not all the time could she act so stoic or remote despite her wishes to separate herself from, well, just civilization.

Koharu was only enjoying her few seconds of free time, almost spacing out as a result. The background noises were tuned out, the scent of various teas slowly getting blocked, this was just pure paradise until...

"OI, KOHARU!" The manager stomped towards the blonde young woman with clenched fists, a yell loud enough to attract some attention. "I am NOT paying you to stand around! I don't care about your status of being the best in whatever, what I care about is not lounging around while you're working!" He spatted.

Koharu only sighed as a response as she set the hand that had the fan to her side. "Sorry, it will not happen again." She replied with formality then turned around to bow to her boss. After her somewhat half-assed apology, she sauntered off from her corner to greet a couple of customers that had just entered in the shop. With a forced smile and a little bit of grudge in her eyes, she yelled with cheeriness and a bit of strain,

"Hello, welcome to our tea shop! Where are we not only sell the best tea in Kirigakure, but also the best customer service to make sure your needs are met! Now if you follow me, I will show you to your tables and take your orders."
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Red Light [Vosk]

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