That Jumpsuit

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Name: That Jumpsuit
Appearance: A simple black full body suit much like rock lee's green clothing that he is known for wearing with a few differences. The first being the color and the second being the Inuzuka Clan symbol placed on the right pectoral in bright metal stitch. The suit covers the users body fully going all the way too cover their feet and hands as gloves as well as the bottom half of his face up too the bridge of his nose. If looked at closely it resembles a fine silk but when felt it feels like sheet metal always cold and rigid.
History: Clothing made by the clan tailor too suit Castus unique lifestyle. It keeps him comfortable in any environment as adaptable clothing it comes in handy as well as working as a dependable defense against threats.
Group or Character Tied?: Inuzuka Clan
Health: S-Rank

Name: Adaptability
Rank: D
Range: Self
Elements: N\A
Specialties: Weapon justu
Hand Seals: Passive
Description: The clothing keeps the users body at a optimal temperature adapting as they move through different climates in order too keep the users body from getting too cold or even too hot. Along with that while underwater the user can continue too breathe for up too 3 post as the clothing attempts too adapt too keep them alive.

Group or Character Tied?: Castus Inuzuka
Requirements: None

Name: Full Gear
Rank: S
Range: Self
Elements: N/A
Specialties: Weapon Justu
Hand Seals: Ram Seal
Description: Upon activating this "ability" of the clothing the collar moves up too cover the users face entirely leaving only glowing dots which leave a small trail of smoke as they glow for a added ominous feel. It's less of a ability and more so gadgets the clothes acts as S rank gas mask and comes with six ear pieces that can range a whole land. Along with that the clothing allows aided climbing and aerodynamic fabric allowing for gliding instead of falling from great heights. When inside of the water the feet section as well as hands act as flippers allowing the user to still move as if on ground underwater while swimming.
Group or Character Tied?: Inuzuka Clan
Requirements: Castus Inuzuka
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That Jumpsuit

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