Washing Wishes

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Forcoy looked like a shriveled up old corpse and a mirage of the ocean. He walked the seas casually, but as if the alien possessed no earthly ties. If shinobi were watching they'd likely believe Forcoy is employing the Waterwalking Method at an extremely fast pace. Always keeping up a fascade, Forcoy was simply focusing fully on using his Otsutsuki flight to emulate walking on the water. An amateurish feel came from Forcoy's movement, but not of his own choosing. A chaotic soul rested in his right hand as a product of his Crawling Womb revival technique that'd defend any negative damage to Forcoy. Mixed outwardly and innardly, Forcoy keeps a Shadow Clone using Combination Transformation with a max stat Crawling Womb corpse. His personal form looks like a regular old man with a beatdown black turtleneck with some open skin not matching the sea weather. As for his "corpse" combined with the Shadow Clone, it looks like a regular katana with only hidden explosive capacity. On his inside, Forcoy has his regular twin fused and hidden, but using it's Byakugan at full range confirming there's no signs of life at all times.

As this old man came to the periphary of an island, he looked just like a regular ronin with a sword. Whether a Kirigakure ninja or gang member, most people didn't want to bother him. "Stepping" on to shore, Forcoy opened blue eyes which hid his Byakugan due to barrier ninjutsu. There wasn't much for Forcoy to think about. He's in the area for an insignificant hunt, as customary for an Otsutsuki. The area is purposely cleared out, and only 1 Kirigakure ninja is present. Quite frankly, not many can keep up with Forcoy's speed, and with his link to his twin brother's Byakugan he quickly located his target. Forcoy already knew this was someone's Shadow Clone designated to keep watch over this area. Forcoy doesn't mind "taking on" that job for Kirigakure. Seemingly phasing through a modest jungle Forcoy bluntly slashes his katana at the approached ninja's Shadow Clone. Not even taking into mind the appearance of the fodder, Forcoy immediately uses his Otsutsuki Absorption from his merged clone or simply the max destructive force of his Crawling Womb sword. Manipulating the essence of the clone, it's made to send out false information perfectly so the clone's owner won't come bug Forcoy. Then, taking in the mind and memories of the enemy's Shadow Clone, Forcoy achieves his objective. Leaving the clone seemingly intact the old man maneuvers himself out of the area without a word.



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Washing Wishes

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