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"Alright, kiddies!" Mina slammed her hand down flat on the table as she boasted boasted with glee. A mischievous grin flashed on her face while her vibrant green eyes excitedly shifted all over the place, both eyes jumped from person to person. In her mouth was a lollipop which was meant to be a cigarette just to get that "adult" feeling. She was far from being an actual smoker, because to her smoking would kill her faster than being a shinobi. There were a few people at the table who did smoke which polluted the once fresh air with the smell of cigarettes; weren't so pleased with Mina's childish energy. Unfortunate and uncomfortable she was with the smell of cigarettes ruining the air, Mina on the brighter side didn't mind. The life of gambling was what she was focused on.

Mina never really considered going to gambling as an activity to pass time. Her parents raised her "right" and strayed her away from troublesome hobbies like gambling. It didn't throw out the idea of trying out gambling all together, however. Even though she may not know what she's doing and could lose her money, it was the fun that mattered the most. The more she learned what to do, the more she would want to win. The more she won, the more she became more addicted. The more she became addicted, the more likely she would make the casino her permanent home.

Smugness was written across her face as she played with the lollipop in her mouth. "I don't know about any of you, but I'm feeling pretty lucky with my hand right now." She said in excitement. Blackjack was the card game Mina became invested in and determined to win in. There was something about the idea of testing her odds that appealed to her so. To see if luck was truly on her side with a mixture of strategy. Things like this made Mina felt like she was exercising her mind; to use what she was doing as training. It was as if she were on the battlefield and tried to predict what her enemy would do next with both luck and planned out tactics by her side.

It was a lot Mina took from a simple card game, but that's what made it more exciting.

"Okay dealer... hit me." This time Mina was in a calmer state compared to her usual energetic persona observed not too long ago. No matter what, she had complete confidence she would win the game.
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Hit the Lotto

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