Death's Door

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Haru would be walking alone through the Land of Grass, she'd went off on a journey without her Team. Although she wouldn't be surprised if one of them had followed her somehow. She hoped not however, because the journey she was on wasn't one she thought kids should be exposed too so early. Even if they were shinobi and were being trained to be killers themselves. No. It wasn't right.

Her hair in her usual ponytail, she wore her usual hi collared dogi outfit with shorts to match in a darker colored purple. The had a rope tied around her waist and knotted behind her back; keeping her waistline and sword in place in it's sheath on her side. She actually had found a hilly area, almost mountainous apparently the Blood Prison was this was in this direction. She wondered if it was as crazy as it sounded.

"The worst of the worst all in one spot huh...sounds like a bad idea to me." she said to herself as she walked on ahead. Even if it was some kind of prison, she would still think it was kind of unnerving that all of the worst people in the world were all in one spot. Somedays, she thought she herself might end up there if she couldn't control her bloodthirsty streaks. However, she was getting better at self control thanks to the boys. The team had made her over analytical mind even worse as now she had them to care for. The moment she slipped up, they could all be in danger.

She was on her way to the Blood Prison for one reason, and one reason only. To save someone who had been falsely accused. Unfortunately, this person was a Leaf Ninja who had a bad case of mistaken identity gone too far. The number one fact that she carried with her on this mission was that he was mistaken for someone highly dangerous; and taken in. The person he'd been mistaken for had been a missing-nin from Konoha who had become a serial killer known not only in the Land of Fire, but also the other major nations as well. Once the Leaf Village discovered the person who'd been taken in wasn't the murderer at large. They dispatched Haru to figure out just what had happened; just what had gone wrong.

If they wouldn't release the falsely accused Leaf ninja, then Haru was to retrieve him by force and deal with the consequences later. Shaking her head at the prospect as she stepped up over a rocky hill; she noticed that up ahead the grassy plains seemed to literally die out into a gray type of rocky ground for as far as the eye could see. In the distance sat a menacing looking structure. The view would literally zoom in as a triple level oriental style building was shown. Only it was made of what looked to be steel from afar. It had a red glow to it.

Haru's hair would blow in the wind as with her hearing alone she could hear echoing wails and shouts from the building even from nearly a mile away. Resting one elbow on her sword, she would shake her head and wonder if this mission would go as easily as she'd hoped. She was merely taking away a falsely accused criminal into the custody of his village. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Of course she knew though, nothing was ever that damn simple in the life of a shinobi.
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Death's Door

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