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PostSubject: Akuma Clan (Vampires)   Akuma Clan (Vampires) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 21, 2019 8:42 pm
Clan Name: Akuma
Appearance: Often times the visage of this clan is marked by their hair/eye colors Silver, White, Red, Pink, Gold and Straw. However, some do have normal colored hair/eyes, . All awakened members possess exceptionally notable fang's, claws and pale complexion. To be able to awaken one has to have at least one of the colors listed in the first sentence as their hair or eye color. Only members with diluted blood will display both "normal" hair/eyes colors thus preventing them from being able to awaken.
History: Tracing the origin of the Akuma Clan has become an entirely null quest over the course of time. Devils, Demons, Vampires, Fiends, Monsters, throughout the persecution and hunting that makes up the loss of their history they have been called all that plus worse. The fear and hatred directed at this clan over history can easily be seen in the stories that exist of the names they've been called, those same stories being one of the few forms of their history in existence.

However, recently a few small groups of Akuma have managed to settle down in villages. To any member of the family outside of those groups the way they've been doing this is unknown. Villages with established Akuma Clan groups don't know them as vampires. These groups selectively display their KKG only utilizing (ability list) in view of outsiders, alongside utilizing a system where the awakened 'vampiric' members feed exclusively on the dormant or diluted members.

Most of the family still exists unaligned and living in secret as nomads often moving to keep ahead of the vampiric tales they cause. Outside of village aligned groups it's considered incredibly taboo to feed on another member of the clan. While those inside of village groups live in fear of being found out and shunned or worse hunted, those living outside of them actually consider their 'vampiric' status a point of pride albeit hiding it cautiously for their own safety.  
Ability Names: Vampirism
Ability Descriptions:
Blood Release - All
Due to the Chakra flowing through their fangs awakened Akuma can produce blood from their fangs or transmute the moisture in the air around them into blood. Although this blood can not be consumed it is perfect for use in the clan's specialized jutsu's. Due to being unable to produce if all fangs are damaged Akuma tend to bite themselves if producing to make the illusion it's coming from inside their body instead of their fangs. While they can control shed blood for jutsu they can not control blood while it is in someone's body.
Note: Dormant can only control shed blood, Awakened adds on transmuting while Discovered adds on producing.  

Hunters - All
Evolved to eventually awaken and survive on blood, Akuma are also designed to be apex predators possessing senses of smell, sight, and hearing which are nearly unrivaled even in the animal kingdom. Unlike most normal humans they have exceptional night vision in addition to being capable of seeing the blood flow within someone's body. Naturally adept at stalking their prey chakra within their bodies can be more easily controlled eliminating the chakra cost for jutsu like camouflage technique, water walking, tree climbing and the like giving the illusion of supernatural abilities unless someone has an ability able to see these techniques above the Akuma's own rank. It should be noted that should awakened members attempt to pretend to consume normal food simply the taste is enough to make them vomit and swallowing it will land them sick for days. As a whole the family has such a sensitive sense of taste there is a difference between different bloods easily detectable to them and due to it also existing in dormant members they tend to be incredibly picky eaters.

Venoms - All
Taking control of a small portion of their blood with chakra it's redirected to the inside of their fangs and transmuted into a venom each different kind of it being registered as a jutsu. Only one kind can be used at a time and that venom may only be used four times before they require 4 posts before being to use venom again, all the venom must be used before the cooldown for that thread begins, they can not just dismiss the venom they've created it must be used before more can be made. Awakened tend to use venom more than dormant due to the risk of waking if injecting it directly into someone from the fangs.

Helpful Blood - Dormant
This ability is lost for the furthered development of their blood release when they awaken. Consuming just a few drops of a dormant Akuma's blood is enough to give someone a +1 advantage during a fight. Outside of combat the effect is accelerated healing allowing things that should take weeks to heal like broken bones or the like to heal in days, long as the condition is not terminal. The Akumra must be a played character or official NPC's, it's not found on just random NPC's.

Legendary Form - Awakened/Discovered  
Thanks to the changes undergone by the body to survive on blood, Akuma display a false presentation of immortality. Once awakened they barely seem to age and even when they reach the very end of their centuries long lifespans they look very young. They also rarely possess scars or anything of the like due to having natural regeneration capabilities advanced enough to even able to regrow limbs. However, on the flip side if they are starved Akuma begin to age at an accelerated rate which will cease when starvation does, but can not be reversed and could kill them as for every year they seem to age from this a full decade is eaten off their natural lifespan. Regenerating can also eat into them in the same manner if over used, a decade for each regrowth or fatal wound recovered from if their stamina is any less than a forth of it's current total at the time it happens. While limb regrowth can be postponed by the Akuma until conditions are right at the cost of scarring, fatal or potentially fatal wounds will automatically initiate the process. Activation after half stamina removes 10 stamina each time. Regeneration only starts taking effect once in Discovered until than it displays as accelerated healing similar to helpful blood.

Blood Consumption - Awakened
In spite of being able to feed and survive on any kind of blood expect their own and any they produce/transmute for jutsu, Akuma prefer the blood of humanoids not related to themselves. Feeding on such blood offers benefits which for some reason no other kinds of blood can replicate. In awakened the benefit is simply creating an additional stamina pool they can tap into each 100 words after the bite equaling 10 stamina from npc's and 25 from played characters of lower rank, 50 from played characters of equal or higher rank, this caps out at equal to twice their current stamina without advantages at any given time and doesn't eat into their natural regen. Unless the Akuma has fed within it's current thread using any Vampirism abilities is poorly recommended as after the fifth post from said Akuma every single Vampirism ability even blood release jutsu will eat into their stamina a forth more than normal cost or gain a stamina drain of 10 points if it didn't naturally have one until they feed.

Creatures Of The Night -Discovered  
While adapted as hunter's they are most adapted at night hunters giving them a free single advantage at night.

Mental Playground - Mastered
Rumors of mind control, other low mental tricks, or even seduction used by Vampires have always existed, however for the Akuma these abilities actually only exist when they've mastered their bloodline. Illusionary capabilities to be further defined with staff help. Touch skin to skin based hypnosis to be further defined with staff help.

Sire/Dame Bite - Mastered  
The most unique feature of Akuma's KKG also gave rise to the rumors that vampires could turn others into their own kind. Once mastery has been obtained they can bite another in order to turn them. Sires/Dames have telepathic links with their turns. In order to turn someone a 5,000 word thread with prior staff approval is required as they don't lose any abilities from whatever they were turned from though they can not progress any KKG or such they had prior to turning.
Chakra Costs:
Normal Jutsu Costs
Legendary Form - Free for plot purposes, but once stamina use is involved in the thread at anymore than half the akuma's total pool it's regenerative abilities cost 10 stamina each time.
Mental Playground -  5 stamina per post upkeep.
Sire/Dame Telepathic Communication - 10 stamina per post upkeep.
Vampirism exists in three stages beyond it's Dormant condition those stages being Awakened, Discovered, and Mastered each stage having different unlock requirements. *Every* Akuma begins dormant.
Dormant - Awakened: 2,000 word total thread where the blood of another played character is consumed. The consumption post must be at least 200 words.
Awakened - Discovered: 3,000 word total thread where the blood of a played character in consumed with the intent of using the strength gained to protect someone besides themselves. Consumption post must be at least 400 words.
Discovered - Mastered: Must feed on the same willing or immobilized played character 600 words each feeding post at least 6 times.      
Note: They aren't born needing blood. While special eye/hair colored members will eventually automatically awaken to needing it sometime during or shortly after puberty, those with at least one normal hair/eye color could very well remain dormant their whole lives if they never consume even a drop of blood be it their own, anyone else's, or an animals. Special Hair/Eyed color members can accelerate their awakening by consuming blood, but it's looked down upon as it can change their personality if done too soon before their natural awakening point.  
Jutsu: To be made.
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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Clan (Vampires)   Akuma Clan (Vampires) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 21, 2019 11:57 pm

So, the above would be the dedicated blood clan here. Blood control alone's a major ability, but I'd allow it with dojutsu for Chinoike being recent in Naruto lore.

That isn't to say you can't have some sort of blood transfer ability, but just not as versatile.

For "Hunters" I'd like the smell part removed (Inuzuka), and the enhanced sight besides the blood sight+night vision removed. I'd also like it to be a choice per Akuma which they have: enhanced sight or hearing.

Akuma blood consume clans don't have advantages like +1.~ I'd also like the healing to be a little more specific, as to not heal lost limbs or something like "B-rank+ damage or effects".

Sooo for the legendary form healing of limb loss healing I'd like more word count training. As it is now it's sort of absolute healing, so I'd like 10k. There's also the option of progression, but at the moment I'd like the cost in stamina to be 50.

Creatures of The Night same thing no direct numerical advantages in clans or jutsu.~

For illusions my suggestion is to have non-chakra based environmental illusions, and triggers by blood. Illusions can be virtually anything, so I personally don't have much to offer in ideas lol. They'd need to be specific here though and not all-rounder like Chinoike/Uchiha as the clan already has healing to replace medical ninjutsu.

Everything else looks good I like the clan.



Akuma Clan (Vampires) DolUZhU
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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Clan (Vampires)   Akuma Clan (Vampires) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 24, 2019 4:01 pm
I debated how to react, if I wanted to just abandon the clan for my own peace/relaxation and ease or discuss, ended up choosing the later. So lets try to get somewhere and it's really my own fault if I decide I don't want to mess with it. XD

Blood control is no different than Water release essentially, it depends what the player does with it IC, thus it is not actually powerful, since I am also clear it can not control blood inside of someone's body. (Because being able to control someone else's blood would be insanely unbalanced XD)

Good senses are a staple of vampires, not being able to have them simply because it's also a single trait of a canon clan? Is just saying people can make what they want so long as it doesn't touch any canon toes which considering the expanse of the canon for this series, is incredibly limiting in the long run. Though I totally understand not wanting to 'null' the point of the canon clans. What I could do is make it more 'generalized' so its worded like nothing at all, or go more detailed so like perhaps narrow down the scent so they're evolved to track certain things like humans and blood instead of in general, for example.

The numerical stuff I could less about, but I'm not going to put out the effort of making those edits unless we can reach somewhere on the others I do care about.

Healing for legend could be adjusted that it's gained low, but progressive training increases it's ability/lessens it's cost to a point. That way the 'feature' is still evident on freshly awakened vampires but also incorporates what you mentioned. Also I would like to mention their healing does not replace medical ninjutsu entirely as their healing can and would kill them if overused. Whereas medical ninja can recover stamina than keep healing people or themselves if their ninjutsu allows, when Akuma regenerate with their stamina any less than 3/4ths, it starts eating into their actual lifespan. In the end I tried to limit it so that it replicated the vampiric ability to regenerate/appear immortal, but actually functioned more like a plot gimmick instead of some OP in combat ability.

When I go into actual editing I will make the consumption of their blood more specific, I kinda thought since limbs and such is mentioned in their later ability that it would be evident that the prior can't do it since it doesn't mention that sort of thing, however I do understand some people will advantage of any "loophole" they can find.

Thanks for the help.~
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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Clan (Vampires)   Akuma Clan (Vampires) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 24, 2019 4:13 pm

Chinoike can control the blood in someone else's body tho. What I'm saying is that blood control is already tied to that clan. You can have a different version, but not copy them even if it doesn't affect other people's blood. Unlike Inuzuka, they're almost entirely based on a blood theme.

Your clan still can have enhanced senses which are new ones or the ones I've noted. I'd just rather it not copy Inuzuka and then have multiple additional senses Inuzuka don't have. It's not about themes or copying entirely. It's about the quantity of abilities your clan possesses.

Vampires can have a multitude of abilities, yes. Any physique on Superpower Wiki can be argued to have dozens of different powers but it's not realistic in the Naruto balance.~

There's nothing stopping you from regenerating stamina as well, and your regeneration costs less so the lifespan reduction would be entirely avoidable.


Akuma Clan (Vampires) DolUZhU
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Akuma Clan (Vampires)

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