Kitsune Clan

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Clan Name: Kitsune
Appearance: Slitted cat like eyes, fox ears, elongated and sharp teeth, and one or more fox tails.
History: When half of the 9 tails was sealed within Celestia a special technique was used to form a stronger seal in which some of the vessel's DNA is altered to make with the bijuu. This ended up having the added benefits of increasing the users's senses to the superior sense of a fox. The DNA alteration are permanent meaning even if the bijuu were removed the previous vessel would still retain such traits. Naturally as a result any children born will also inherit these traits.
Ability Names: Kitsune
Ability Descriptions:

Increased hearing:
Members of the Kitsune clan have fox like ears which can pivot to help locate sounds. They an also hear 10x what a human is capable of including sound waves outside the normal range of hearing.

Increased sight:
Members of the Kitsune clan have slanted eyes which adjust to amount of light going round when little light is available. They have eyesight 3x as powerful as that of humans and can see in darkness. The darker it is though the less color they can perceive.

Memeber of the Kitsune clan have drastically increased sense of smell. Almost on par with a fox but less powerful than the Inuzuka. This allows them to pin point scents completey imperceptible to humans but with the disadvantage of bad smells being even worst to the point of being possibly debilitating.

Kitsune Transformation:
Memebers of this clan have also inherited the curious ability to transform into a Kitsune a small multi tailed fox. It offer no benefits or disadvantages except those that come with a decreased size and loss of dexterous hands making jutsu impossible until they shift back to their humanoid form.

Chakra Costs:N/A
Requirements: A descendant of Celestia
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Kitsune Clan DolUZhU
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Kitsune Clan

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