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Clan Name: Kemptah Clan
Appearance: The Kemptah are a rare breed, rumored to be born capable of opposing the natural order of the world. This so called “re-origination” seems to branch from the natural ability the Kemptah are born with, which happened to create the clan's fighting style. The Kemptah however do have a reason for this opposition, as their main focus used to be to create the perfect warrior. However upon realizing that there can never be a warrior perfect in all fields, they changed their focus to perfecting the way one fights.

To help with their objectives, and something the clan has become commonly known for, is that they all have a love for combat. This love causes them to constantly search for the perfect battlefield, a place where they can use everything they have acquired without restraint, but to this time none of them have ever found it. Another way for them to obtain their objective, which happens to be their most notable trait, is the fact that they have highly above average fighting abilities. Because of the clan member's drive to constantly become stronger along with their natural fighting ability, their potential is becoming known as “limitless.” The main family of the clan are said to be dark skinned and fashions range from the individual clan members likes and taste.

History: The history of the Kemptah takes an interesting path from what was their original purpose. The power of the Kemptah was born in a response to great dangers entering the world, these dangers taking the name of Madara and Hashirama, the original pair. This was Gaia's attempt to have humans prevent humans from destroying the nature which Gaia created. This attempt was a crushing failure as a Great War spurred which engulfed the entire world, a war spearheaded by the ones called Madara and Hashirama. With the Kemptah's failure, Gaia in such labeled them as failures, thus completely denying them all connections to its power and allowing them to die off as Gaia would allow no other human to gain access to its power. However Gaia would still need guardians to rule over the nature it created, this resulted in the creation of the Alpha and Omega Beasts, the perfect successors to their counterparts.

With no connection to life, the Kemptah would not live past their second generation. The Kemptah knew that they were dying and knew that the fault lied with Gaia. This caused them to grow angry and lash out, the beginning of what is now called the King's Ceremony, those second generation Kemptah started to attack and kill the alpha and omega Beasts then drink on their blood. It wasn't long before they discovered that drinking the blood of a God Beast, increased their power, further brought them closer to the power that Gaia granted them. Even though they hated that deity they continued to use its power in order to combat Gaia by attacking nature. However with their legacy coming to an end, another deity would take interest in them. Mainly their fighting ability to combat the alpha and omega on equal terms, without the need to drink their blood, then their power increasing after doing such a thing. Susanno, would be this deity to intervene in the Kemptah's destruction, granting them new life and new power. Rather than completely changing the Kemptah, Susanno simply improved upon what was already there, added in its own abilities, then let the Kemptah take over the rest.

Susanno's intervention meant that the Kemptah can continue to live on, further generations appearing one after another. Though the Kemptah would not forget the betrayal caused by Gaia, this caused them to create the rule for choosing the next Clan Head, this rule being that one cannot become the Clan Head unless they have killed and drunk on the blood of a high ranking Senju or Uchiha. With the creation of the Clan Head selection, the Kemptah would create a new legacy in response to their new deity. They would call this legacy, Rakuen, gifts from Susanno for entering countless battlefields. The Kemptah clan would continue to prosper until a new generation would enter this world, specifically the 8th Generation. This generation seemed to possess a will to fight which was rivaled by no other. This will was no influence of Susanno however in response, Susanno granted them further power, fighting abilities to match the wills they possessed. With their new power, this generation, led by their Head, Saisho Kugeki, renamed themselves the True First Generation, signifying that the Kemptah had finally reached heights that the First Generation could not, regardless that they possessed Gaia's power. This generation also became responsible for the Messiah title, wanting to now ensure that each generation would completely surpass the former. This generation would also be responsible for creating the Laws, techniques which defined their generation. With the new laws created the Kemptah have continued to prosper over the years, never forgetting the one who abandoned them but continuing to evolve, reaching greater powers generation after generation not only in the name of Susanno but also in the name of themselves.
Ability Names: Battle Instincts & Mastery, Symbiotic Weaponry, Tehuti's Secret, Eternal Adrenalin
Ability Descriptions: Battle Instincts & Mastery - Line Of Clan Only Techniques

Symbiotic Weaponry -  An Djed is a special weapon in which all Kemptah clan members receive the moment they are conceived. It functions as an external chakra storage device which can only be controlled by Kemptah Clan member and ranks up with them.

Tehuti's Secret - Tehuti's Secret or Kem is actually a strange energy source, coming from the mental plane instead of that of Chakra. To acquire Kem, one must first possess blood of the Kemptah clan or have their mind opened up to the mental realm, although this is usually incredibly dangerous. Once done, they can then learn to access and open their Kem Nodes from someone already capable of it, causing it to become a 25 posts(total) dual training topic to awaken the kem Nodes and access kem. If they do not have anyone to access the nodes with, they can instead train against someone else within the Kemptah clan for 40 Posts(total) or perform a 3000 word solo training to forcefully unlock the Kem Nodes.

Eternal Adrenalin - Kemptah clan members have embraced their primal side and have begun to tap into the latent power which all humans possess. During battle a Kemptah clan member's adrenaline will steadily increase with them being able to stockpile this adrenaline and cycle it through their muscles for short bursts of strength, speed or stamina.
Chakra Costs: Explained in Jutsu
Requirements: PM me to Join
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Kemptah Clan  DolUZhU
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Kemptah Clan

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