Hard Times

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PostSubject: Hard Times   Hard Times Icon_minitimeSat Dec 28, 2019 12:08 am
Nothing of the slightest could deter the deep clouds rolling in from the rough storm coming. The cold and brittle air nipped at the skin for those who weren't snugged in a warm jacket, mostly that was everyone. Almost everyone. Shopkeepers were kept warm by fires and heaters and even though they had constant windows opened it still didn't bother them the slightest. Other indoor shops and restaurants clearly were warm, and chimneys of houses and so forth brimmed with smoke. It was mid-day but some people went about their business caring less for the incoming weather while others were in a short rush to get supplies ready for a snow storm. Everyone had something, something to do, something they possessed, somewhere to live, some bed to sleep in with blankets wrapped tightly for a good night's rest. Not everyone was so lucky.

Between a busy boutique and a regular clothes store sat a hooded man in front of a leather mat, necklaces of animal claws and skulls, stitched pelts made into blankets and miscellaneous clothing were lined folded along the makeshift mat presented easily for any passer-by. The individual in question had a lump of smoking wood behind him, mostly branches, but it was clear he had moved onto burning his own product as a means to stay warm. He sat with legs and as crossed, his head down and breathed do slightly. The man donned imported robes and such, hand-me-down clothing that covered all but his pale fingers and the space between his eyes. There was a clear loss of concentration as his head hung low, the hood covered the man's face as his eyes shut and opened.

Alphine Tempest, descendant of the ever so famous Tempest Moons was a mere man trying to survive. The Tempest Moons were an old and now forgotten company that served the land of the moons monarchy for many generations, it wasn't until however that the company was faced with the hard choice of scattering and abandonment. Between the Monarch's demands and constant bandit attacks with no backup it was the only choice at the time. Alphine was possibly the last of his family, left to literally nothing, he had to work his way up. People didn't want to hire the homeless and he was already familiar with hunting so it led him to do what was needed. This job was only enough to fill his belly a few times a week, but successfully Alphine done a good year of hard working and it payed off. A small sack of few coins, money that could be used for a house later down the road.

As of late just earlier Alphine applied to become shinobi, if that meant risking his life so be it, not that he had much value in it. He needed the money, and it seemed like an important enough job. A Genin is his starting rank, but other than that he had no clue of what to do. He asked, but no one replied, so he left. Alphine wasn't necessarily sure if he actually received such a thing though, he looked like hell, smelled like crap, and had nothing but stitched hide clothing. Times were bound to hit hard, Alphine had no real hopes of moving on from his current situation but it was all he could manage.
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Hard Times

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